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December 17th, 2010 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

Isn’t that how the saying goes? Everyone I’ve worked with lately has opened a “clips4sale” site. I didn’t really see the purpose, since I have my own token site with both new and archive videos, and mine isn’t even as expensive. But alas, I couldn’t handle the jealousy and had to give in. :-) To be honest, I’ve had a “clips4sale” site up, but just never updated it because I was too busy working on my first priority, Well I have now started updating again, and I want everyone to go take a peek at,
Now there are 2 places you can go for my videos, if you just can’t bare to join a membership site. :-(

Well I worked with Lorelei this week. She had an amazing idea. She’s a huge Harry Potter fan, she’s even seen the movie twice. I guess that inspired her to do a forced scenario with a little wizardry. The set was so amazing, and Jon Woods was a ‘crack up’ as the portrait. I, on the other hand, was busy getting disciplined by the headmaster when he cast a spell on me. I got tied, abused and violated.

Ashley Renee

Plus, there’s another set from “Detective Chronicles”, where he has me bound, naked with chains, locked in a closet, begging and pleading for rescue.

Ashley Renee & Detective Chronicles

Plus, a set with me and Anastasia Pierce as ‘Bad Santa’. I’m get tied, spanked, cropped and smothered, which isn’t really as bad as it seems. In fact, I actually enjoyed myself.

Ashley Renee & Anastasia Pierce

Also, 2 brand new amazing videos!

ABDUCTED – The very popular, Steve Villa, as an Ashley Stalker and abductor. Steve is quite tough. He watches and I go into my house, sneaks in and grabs me. Then he ties me up and leaves me while he searches for a gag. When he returns, I’m squirming for safety, having made it all the way to the front door. He isn’t pleased, so he stuffs my mouth full and wide, then ties the stuffing in place, fondles my breasts, and then carries me off, while I’m kicking and screaming all the way!

Ashley Renee & Steve Villa

In addition, there are 3 clips from “Ashley’s Encasement”. A full pantyhose and tape encasement by JJ Plush, which you’ll just have to see to believe.

Ashley Renee & JJ Plush

I hope you’ll decide to join, because that would be the best Christmas present ever! But, if you’d rather just buy a clip or two, please stop by either or my Clip Store 2541.

Have a very Merry Christmas…


Don’t forget…. I have 3 new videos up, with me Ariella, Jon Woods and JJ Plush.

Ashley's playroom banner

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December 09th, 2010 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

Funny that’s exactly how I feel most of the time. So imagine how ecstatic I was when I was able to spend some time playing with Steve Villa, the owner of the girl next door bondage clip store. :-) I fit right in. I took one look at Steve and understood why he makes such a great ‘bad guy’. It’s not because he actually is one in real life (although he is)….or even that he’s a huge guy (which he is.) He’s just got this great villain like quality that makes him all right in my world. The fact that he was soon going to tie me up and take advantage of me was more icing on the cake. It’s not like me to post a photo set and video clip from the same producer, but in this case my excitement overtook me and I just had to give in. So here’s the first look of my first time working with the one and only Steve Villa, Ultra Bad Man.

Ashley Renee & Steve Villa

Nightmare Before Xmas – I was strapped and tied in a latex catsuit, then held over some pine cones to make sure I was a good girl, keeping in perfect position for santa to drop by. What an impression I’d make.

Ashley Renee

And I’m tied in a very sexy corset and stockings, feeling sexier than ever. I guess I just know my place.

Ashley Renee

Plus a very special treat! I interviewed JG from I really think it was the most interesting interview I have done, and the guest gallery is to die for. You have to take a quick look.

Captive Culture

New Video as promised from Steve Villa, “STALKER”. I locked myself out of my house, and while waiting for my roommate to return, a man sneaks up and chloroforms me. When I awaken, I find myself partially tied up. The man stuffs and ties my mouth, so I’m completely speechless. He takes out my breasts and pulls my pants down before he forces himself on me. When he’s finished, he leaves me to be discovered by my roommate with my panties down!

Ashley Renee & Steve Villa

And, Double Jeopardy. After Natali DeMore finishes with my strict punishment, she’s sure she has things under control. That is until the boss comes back to check on things. He decides Natali is way out of line. So he ties us back to back, wraps our heads together so we can’t move at all, and puts a vibrator to both of our pussies. We have to accept our fate as we cum together, over and over again.

Ashley Renee & Natali Demore

Hope you’re as excited as I am to see my work with Steve. The video ROCKS!


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Ashley’s Playroom updated 30 11 2010

December 06th, 2010 | Category: Playroom Update

Hey, I forgot to mention than I updated the video playroom on 30 november. So don’t missed this 3 new video available in my token site here.

Boss Lady
When Natali Demore catchs me fucking myself on her time clock, she bends me over, spanks my ass, then hogties me on the table, inserts anal beads and a vibrator in my pussy.


Ariella Ferrera and I have no choice but to give in to our captors demands. Ariella is slowly and brutally fucked in the ass then I’m fucked and forced to cum with a strong vibrator.

Detective Ashley

I accidentally stumble onto an undercover slave ring in process, but when I phone for help, I’m knocked out. I awake chained, naked, and interrogated by two powerful leaders.

Xoxo Ashley


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ENOUGH IS ENOUGH – JJ Plush’s rules –

December 02nd, 2010 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

Having play dates with JJ is very tough indeed. She always pushes me to the breaking point, which I love, by the way. My passion for bondage just seeps right through, and she’s been reminding me of how much it’s embedded in my soul! JJ has a style of bondage that I haven’t been fortunate enough to indulge in everyday. Vintage girdles, classy skirts, blouses, pantyhose, full fashioned stockings….it’s pure sophistication for this girl. She loves panty stuffing and wrapping the mouth! Here’s a sample picture from our very sexy set this week!
Ashley Renee & JJ Plush

One of my members reminded me of my work with Master Lew Rubens (formally of “”.) He said our chemistry was amazing, and Master Lew was able to grope me like no other bad guy! We wanted to shoot a forced fantasy, so this is what we came up with.
Ashley Renee & Lew Rubens

Everyone knows “Serious Bondage” has the best gear around. Everyone loves their site and their genuine love for gear. Hence, people from all over the globe are eager to send Mark gear. He then comes to LA to have me try it out, partially because I beg him to! This time he had a bondage coffin, that was both amazing and terrifying. Come take a peek.
Ashley Renee & Serious Bondage

But more than anything, I’m crazy about the new bondage video I shot with JJ. I was actually looking around her site and was struck by her erotic pantyhose encasement. I had never done one before and the thought of doing one was extremely exciting. She knew how I felt, so when she came to LA a few weeks back, that was one of the few things we did. Luckily for me, it was extremely memorable and sexy, to say the least. The video starts with me fully nude, then JJ slowly and seductively puts me into pantyhose. Then she duct tapes my body, stuffs my mouth, and teases me for awhile. After which she pulls the stocking over my head, wraps my mouth, and pulls my head back into a strict hogtie. The video is 18 minutes long, cut into 2 clips for easy download time. TRUIST ME…. IT’S AMAZING!
Ashley Renee

Oops…. I almost forgot the forced clip with the rough and tough Damon Pierce.
Ashley Renee & Damon Pierce

I hope you like the updates this week, because next week, Steve Villa and I are getting together to add even more new content. Hope to see you inside.

And remember, if you don’t like membership sites, don’t forget to check out Ashley’s Playroom, where you only pay for what you want.


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