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Dec 9


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Funny that’s exactly how I feel most of the time. So imagine how ecstatic I was when I was able to spend some time playing with Steve Villa, the owner of the girl next door bondage clip store. :-) I fit right in. I took one look at Steve and understood why he makes such a great ‘bad guy’. It’s not because he actually is one in real life (although he is)….or even that he’s a huge guy (which he is.) He’s just got this great villain like quality that makes him all right in my world. The fact that he was soon going to tie me up and take advantage of me was more icing on the cake. It’s not like me to post a photo set and video clip from the same producer, but in this case my excitement overtook me and I just had to give in. So here’s the first look of my first time working with the one and only Steve Villa, Ultra Bad Man.

Ashley Renee & Steve Villa

Nightmare Before Xmas – I was strapped and tied in a latex catsuit, then held over some pine cones to make sure I was a good girl, keeping in perfect position for santa to drop by. What an impression I’d make.

Ashley Renee

And I’m tied in a very sexy corset and stockings, feeling sexier than ever. I guess I just know my place.

Ashley Renee

Plus a very special treat! I interviewed JG from I really think it was the most interesting interview I have done, and the guest gallery is to die for. You have to take a quick look.

Captive Culture

New Video as promised from Steve Villa, “STALKER”. I locked myself out of my house, and while waiting for my roommate to return, a man sneaks up and chloroforms me. When I awaken, I find myself partially tied up. The man stuffs and ties my mouth, so I’m completely speechless. He takes out my breasts and pulls my pants down before he forces himself on me. When he’s finished, he leaves me to be discovered by my roommate with my panties down!

Ashley Renee & Steve Villa

And, Double Jeopardy. After Natali DeMore finishes with my strict punishment, she’s sure she has things under control. That is until the boss comes back to check on things. He decides Natali is way out of line. So he ties us back to back, wraps our heads together so we can’t move at all, and puts a vibrator to both of our pussies. We have to accept our fate as we cum together, over and over again.

Ashley Renee & Natali Demore

Hope you’re as excited as I am to see my work with Steve. The video ROCKS!


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