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How did I get started in the adult industry? I was shooting a lay-out for PENTHOUSE magazine and the photographer Ken Marcus was intrigued with how submissive I was. He asked if I’d ever thought about doing bondage modeling…and suggested I contact a friend of his, Simone Devin. Soon, I was a full-fledged Harmony model…and every other bondage company. I haven’t stopped since…I guess when you find something you’re passion about, you never want to let it go!!!

You’ve won a lot of award…MISS BONDAGE WORLD, BEST BONDAGE MODEL OF THE CENTURY, BEST BONDAGE MODEL OF THE YEAR…what do you have to say about that? Lucky and honored at the same time…. When I won my first award, Miss Bondage World, I could hardly believe it…and still can’t. No one’s been able to take it away from me yet…besides I won’t let them!!! Just a little while ago, I won Best Bondage Model Of The Year…I was so happy I cried. When you work so hard at something for so long and are finally recognized and appreciated, it changes something inside yourself…forever!!!

How did I get my name? My first job ever was working with Simone Devon. She asked me what my stage name was. I wondered to myself “What’s that?” She just replied, “You need a name that you want people to know you as. What’s your middle name?” I responded, “Renee.” “Well, I always liked the name Ashley, “she said.” And Ashley Renee sounds classy.” So there you have it. Simone gave me my first job and my name…thanks Simone!!!

How many magazines have you been in exactly? More bondage magazines than I could sit here and name… the list would go on forever… but besides all those I’ve also been in: Penthouse, Hustler, High Society, Leg Show, Hustler’s Busty Beauties, Club, Easy Rider… okay never mind, I thought those would be easier to name but the list would be too long!!! :-)

You also have done a lot of XXX films…right? Yes… several years ago I decided to do girl/girl films. (Keep in mind I never gave up bondage and fetish films!) I was in the industry about 2 years…and in that time I also had a short-lived contract… doing a few boy/girl films. Then, I decided to quit and open my own website… doing what I loved… so here I am…doing it my way… finally I could combine both… sex and bondage… the way life should be!!! ;-)

What are some of my favorite girl/girl films? It’s hard to say, but my favorite director has got to be Michael Ninn. He mixes fetish with sex, so… he’s my first choice and his movies Diva II, Diva IV, and Forever Knight are my favorites.

What are my favorite foods? I’m addicted to sushi and have been for eight years. I always say tomorrow I’ll eat something new, but when tomorrow rolls around I just want to eat sushi again. I also love any food that’s not American, and I love to experiment. Oh yeah, did I mention that I love CANDY? (Shhh, don’t tell anyone–because they won’t believe it anyway!!!)

Are you just a model or do you do this in your personal life? My favorite question of all… I never do anything just because… I was born submissive! That’s always been my personality. I was a d/s girl from the start and I had no choices… a little later in life I discovered…(it’s a really long story) bondage. And soon the pieces of my life all fit together… I had no more questions about who I was or what I was about… I am a bondage girl inside and out… on camera and off… I’m not just a model… this is my life!

This is frequently asked questions right? So then… what’s your favorite gag? Without a question, I love chin-strap ball gags… and head harnesses (if they count). I have a big mouth, so I need something to fill it with…

What’s your favorite position? Typically I say a strappado because I get to bend over… and that’s always really sexy!!!

Do you work out? YES!!! I take kick boxing classes ALMOST everyday and work out at the gym every other day. I’m a busy girl!!! :-)

Do you have any favorite scenes you really love to do? I’m so lucky because I’m so versatile… I’m like a kid in a candy store… I love everything… and there’s almost nothing I really don’t like, except electricity… yikes!!! That’s one of the greatest things about my site… I get to work with all the great riggers… doing the coolest scenarios… and I have very little limitations… in the industry I’m known as the “WILD CHILD”!!!

Name just a few things that really turn you on. Besides SEX and BONDAGE??? I love blindfolds… not knowing what comes next… breath and knife play… suspensions… add some hot wax and I’m in heaven….

What do you do in your spare time? I’m a really quiet person… I like the intimate things in life… dinner, movies and meaningful conversations.

What can we expect form your site? One of the most important things is that I have all creative control. It’s not run by some huge company…my journals are very intimate as I talk about everything from my life to details about the lifestyle (in and out of the industry)… my exclusive video clips and personal audio clips, as well as interviews with me and all my friends, and special hand-picked galleries of them too! also a fetish section just so I make double-sure I’m making you happy! And, yes, I answer all my own emails…so you can be sure you are talking directly to me!!!

What does your site mean to you? Besides having a way to directly communicate with all my members, it allows me the chance to deliver pictures, videos… and journals… of the highest quality and express the truth about myself… having support from all my members allows me to continue.

Do I like to party? I’m actually rather shy unless I know you. So parties and crowds intimidate me. And yes, it’s true, I don’t smoke or drink. (Well, maybe once a year, I’ll have a sip of plum wine, yum!)

What are my favorite animals? Growing up I had Persian cats, horses and a Great Dane named Linus. Now I don’t have time to ride, although I love horses. I love Persian cats too, that pushed-in face is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Someday I’d like to get a Bulldog, that face is so ugly, it’s adorable.

What do I plan to do when I retire from the adult industry? I’ve accomplished so much in my life, so to tell you what really would make me happy is simple. I believe life ultimately is about families, a sense of security and belonging. Ultimately what we’re all looking for. I would love just taking care of that responsibility. To be able to have that, a place to call home with my family would make me the happiest girl alive. Of course, I would still need my website! ;-)

Are people in the adult industry concerned with AIDS? Absolutely. We undergo testing every 30 days for AIDS and now the industry has cracked down even more. Especially since the recent AIDS scare. When someone comes down with AIDS everyone they worked with for the past 3-6 months is contacted and then tested. I know I am really concerned with diseases and am very careful who I work with. Although right now I do mainly bondage work and there is little risk involved there since there is no penetration with another person.



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  1. Clothes Ripper March 10th, 2009 4:56 pm

    Always admired your work, do you take video requests?

  2. ashley renee April 27th, 2009 12:03 am

    of course

  3. Drew August 1st, 2009 6:47 am

    Its great to hear you are happy doing what you love, especially having the control over what you do. No worries about contracts, producers, directors, or yucky people. Stay real.

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