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Outside the Box …

December 23rd, 2013 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

OUTSIDE THE BOX : Samantha Grace is such a kinky girl, and she was so excited to have me all to herself. She forced me into a bondage box, attached clover clamps to my nipples, and got me off with a wand while using a dildo on herself.

 SWEET ASHLEY : I was just aimlessly wondering around when I was captured and tied tightly to a tree in the great outdoors, where there wasn’t a soul around.

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 TAKING OUT THE TRASH : Rain DeGrey and JJ Plush are sick of the neighborhood’s trashy whore! I’m all alone cleaning the dishes when the two angry women come storming in. I’m tied, clamped, groped, and spanked. My mouth is stuffed full with dirty panties, nylons are pulled over my head, and the trash is dumped on me.

CHRISTMAS LIST : Guy D Silva got exactly what he wanted for Christmas. He wished for me, so I was delivered. I was so excited to finally be with a man this year, since I’d been stashed away at Santa’s factory waiting. I didn’t realize I’d be bound, gagged and doubly penetrated with my favorite peppermint sticks. What a surprise!

FUCK YOUSELF : This is how Jim Martin tied me… Need I say more ?

ROOM SERVICE : When I check to see how the hotel guest are doing, I get grapped and held against my will! Steve Villa ties me up in two different postions, stuffs my mouth with dirty panties…then ties me spread eagle on the bed and fucks me hard !

BONDAGE GIRLFRIENDS : (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) Rain DeGrey and I are sexy and promiscuous roommates, that are more than interested in adding a little bondage to our lives. Rain surprises me by calling in a rope expert, the beautiful and busty JJ Plush. JJ knocks on the door and can immediately tell that Rain and I are deeply into each other. We are so excited and curious to see what JJ can add to our already passionate relationship. She starts by making us gag each other, then begins to tie me up while Rain exposes and fondles my large breasts. After I am bound, which includes some breast bondage….JJ enlists Rain to help her add some tight rubberbands to my breasts so that they bulge and pulsate. She then starts to tie Rain’s hands in a reverse prayer and adds tight nipple clover clamps. (JJ is such a sadist.) She adds clamps to my nipples too and then attaches our nipple clamps to each other, so even our slightest movement pulls on our tender flesh. She then removes the ballgag and stuffs my mouth with panties before wrapping my head. I’m now pleading through my gag for her to stop. But JJ isn’t being nice or considerate at all. In fact, she just ties us harder than we ever expected. She then pulls my ankles back and attaches the rope to my hair, putting me in a very difficult hogtie. I’m literally sweating and am completely immobile. JJ gags herself with a huge ball, just to prove she can take what she dishes out. She finally leaves Rain and I there to plead through our gags, sweat, and cry for help.

TORTURED BREASTS : (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) Fellow jail mates throw me in a enclosed solitary confinement box then wheel me into my jail cell where Mistress Miranda is impatiently waiting my arrival, She spanks my ass before tying me off by harsh nipple clamps. I’m interrogated and humiliated while my tits are severely beat and abused.Mistress Miranda is a very cruel femdom that won’t stop until my breast are given the punishment of a lifetime.
(This video includes interrogation, corporal, tit torture,punishment, spanking, groping, boot fetish, femdom, stockings and lingerie.)


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It’s a Wrap …

December 07th, 2013 | Category: Ashley's Thoughts

Lorelei displays me outside of her suburban home. She cling wraps me to her patio cover with a vibrator to keep me occupied and head to toe clear shiny plastic to seal in the freshness.

ASHLEY’S BRUTAL CANING: (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) Damon Pierce tells me to dress in a sheer body stocking with an open crotch so he can access every part of me. He ties me in a stringent partial strappado suspension and pulls my head back in a harness so he has easy access to my big tender breasts. He takes out two canes and uses them simultaneously on my breasts and ass. The stinging sensation of them cracking down upon me leaves me sweaty, yet wanting more. I start pleading with my eyes as Damon pushes me past my limits. He rips open my nylon body stocking exposing my bare ass and vulnerable wet pussy. He then uses a single tail with expertise precision knowing how much I crave those wonderful marks. I’m lost in sub-space as this harsh play continues. The effects are undeniable and I have the marks to prove it.
This video contains partial suspension, humiliation, male domination, whips, caning and bondage!

RUBBER DOLLY : (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) Miss Kitsch dresses me up in a full latex catsuit then slowly laces me into a tight neck and waist corset, posture collar and hood. She puts latex arm binders on me and then attaches me to the rubber wall. She then lubes up my entire body until I’m perfectly shiny. She plays with my naughty tight pussy then spanks my curvy rubber ass. She touches herself while I grow increasingly frustrated. She writhes and presses up against my rubberized body. I can’t help but drip with excitement. The smell and feel of latex makes me wild and Miss Kitsch knows exactly how to make me hot. I can barely contain myself as my frustration grows. Miss Kitsch is so thrilled that she straps me to the rubber wall and delights in watching me squirm. This video contains latex, lubing, fem/dom, catsuits, boots, hoods, bondage, masturbation and teasing.

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