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Jul 14


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Yes, I realize there is a simple correlation with what my members want, and me doing whatever I can to please them. Is it ‘people pleasing’, or simply the nature of the beast? One can’t be sure, but the thing I do know, is I feel very content making others happy! When I receive email that members love my work/play I get this sense of fulfillment, and maybe…dare I say pride, in myself? I wanted to remind everyone that I have new pricing options on my “Join” page that will stay in effect for a few weeks, after which I plan to increase my rate. This is mainly because¬†I can’t do the quality of work I want to with the current rates I’m charging, and increasing them will help me achieve a better end result and product! I hope many of you will come in, not only to see me tied up, but also to experience the personal diary of a submissive, my archives and behind the scenes, as well as brand new videos. Archived ones are also posted every week. I must also say, I never ever miss an update!


This week, I’m tied in a vintage girdle by “Bedroom Bondage.” By the end of our session, I’m almost immobile with my elbows tied tightly together in a very stringent hogtie!

Then my house gets broken into by a man wearing military fatigues. He breaks in, ravages me in my home, ties me up, and then forcefully pleasures me with a vibrator. I guess he spotted me bringing in the groceries and thought I’d play ‘nice.’

A few favorite ‘blasts from the past!’

And my brand new video with me, Ariella and Devon Savage. See my “Peek” page if you’re interested. :-) Just a little bribery is all…

Anyway, I truly hope to see you inside, and please don’t forget to have a quick peek at my other sites, and my video token site,¬†


Thank you for your support!




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