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Apr 12


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SOLD INTO SLAVERY : Luc Wylder gets the slave he paid for but as a result he puts Ashley through a series of tests. She’s flogged, fucked, made to suck a dildo, cropped, clamped and anything else Luc desires !

JUNK IN THE TRUNK : Held captive, bound and duct taped. I try to hop away only to make my captor more angry so he shoves me in a trunk and ships me off…

TIGHT HIGH : Sarah Blake has always wanted to play with Ashley in a session. She gets her chance and Ashley enjoys herself more than she could ever imagine ! Flogging, pinwheels, bondage, clamps and g/g play !

EASTER : Look what the Easter Bunny brought me :(

WIRED PUSSY : Need I say more ?

MAID CHALLENGE (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : Carissa Montgomery is in charge of the household duties with the owners of the house are away. Ashley is under her complete supervision but when she becomes difficult and refuses to perform her duty, Clarissa takes matters in her own hands. She forces Ashley to clean the floor spotless but Ashley is bratty and defiant ! Clarissa finally has enough of her bad attitude and whips her into shape. Ashley continues so she’s handcuffed all over her body including her big huge breasts . The owner comes home unexpectedly and punishes both his maids for bad behavior. Ashley is strapped up tightly to a chair with her vibrator which turns on Clarissa and she is permitted to do the same. The two girls moan, squirm and cum together in explosive ecstasy !

BREAST TORTURE : The boss ties me to a chair, gags me then squishes my breasts in a horrible contraption. The breast breast is a tight vice that gradually closes in on my huge boobs !

I moan, writhe, struggle and drool when I feel the stringent squeeze !!

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