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Apr 11


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MAID TO ORDER : Tied, gagged and struggling in my sexy maid costume !

COFFEE HOUSE ASSAULT : I was just sitting there reading, minding my own buisness when a man say down and started prying into my personal life. Soon and without warning the coffee house closes with us inside. The stranger ties me up, throws me over the couch and forces himself inside. After he’s done he ties me in a more vulnerable position, torments my breasts, fucks me hard and leaves me helpless and struggling !

BALL CHANGE : Damon Pierce ties me down tightly, changes out my gags multiple times then wraps my breasts with rope so I can’t move a muscle. He finished with my tied down and immobile with a ball gag and gas mask for a little sensory deprivation.

SECRETARY : Natali Demore catches Ashley masterbating on the job. This infuriates Natali so she bends Ashley over, gives her a hard spanking before putting her in a strict hogtie and shoving anal beads in her ass. The boss decides to leave early and catches them messing around and ties them both up back to back, breasts out and gags both their heads together. This will teach the two secretary’s both a lesson!

BONDAGE BALLET : I begged to be tied up in a leather bolero straitjacket, pantyhose and ballet boots. Then I pleaded even more for rope and my favorite panel head harness! Begging works. ;-)

PROMISED LAND : All strapped up in a beautiful white gown in a dirty old place.

RUBBERLAND : Samantha Grace and I get hot and heavy in our rubber hood, gas mask and mits !

AIM TO PLEASE (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : The gorgeous and wicked Mistrix E from the east coast comes to LA to play with me. She makes me wait in anticipation in kneeling on the hard cement floor while I wait patiently for her to arrive. She makes me crawl over to the bondage chair and shutter as she tied me up tightly. She has mousetraps attached to my pussy lips keeping me open wide while she teases me with various whips and other implements. Mistrix E is a very skilled dominatrix. She’s on top of her game in many ways. She leaves me sweating, drooling and begging for more as she pulls out a vibrator and forces me to cum over and over.

THE CREATURE : The process of getting into one of the greatest inventions ever created in the bondage arena by world famous JG Leathers. I’m strapped into a bungee cord suspension, all in leather gear and wearing a very complex bra with inserts for glass suction and electrical voltage. My leather panties have a hole where an electrical dildo is placed deep inside, finished off by a ball gag and gas mask. I have to breathe through some thick tubing of water and work to get my air….all while suspended with JG controlling the voltage. I can be pretty tough when I want to be.

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