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May 16


Category: Playroom Update

I updated today my video token website with 3 new videos clips. I hope you’ll find in this update what you are hunting for, between Jim Hunter “Bad Reputation” clip, Steve Villa “Out of Control” clip and American Damsels for “Wrong Place Wrong Time”. All this with a lot of ropes and actions.

Here are the detailed descriptions and preview pictures.

Bad reputation thumbnail

Jim Hunter ties me in a super strict strappado then fondles me while tying my breasts and leaves me hanging with a shiny mini skirt and boots!

out of control thumbnail

Steve Villa grabs me in my skin tight girdle, stuffs my mouth then wraps my head tightly he throws me on the floor then fucks me till I lay tired and worn out!

Wrong place wrong time thumbnail

Grabbed and bound in a dirty old shed then left with my panties down and dangling, my mouth stuffed with a ball and my blouse and breast exposed!

XOXO  Ashley

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