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Apr 23


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It’s always amazing to me that my work, is actually play. :-) I wonder how many people are this lucky? All I do is grab my bag of goodies, knock on my friend’s door, and voila, I get tied up! Submission has always been a part of who I am, even from day one. I always say I was born this way. I have always been a natural ‘people pleaser’ and I hate confrontation of any kind. So, instead of fighting against what I was born to be, I just embraced it. So here I am living my dream….

STOLEN GOODS – I was having a great time at my friend’s costume party, until I was carried off and taken to a hidden location. I was thrown on the floor and tied up by a woman (JJ Plush) in several different positions. I was given a variety of gags to compliment my skin tight silver spandex bodysuit. She seemed to have some kind of oral fixation, so she invited the man who brought me there in to have some fun with me. JJ sat back and thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it, at my expense!

Silver uniform

MAID SERVICE – I’m bound in a classic chair tie in my sexy sheer maid outfit. I’m fondled and threatened by the head of the household.

Maid service

BONDAGE ORGASMS – I’m tied with my legs spread wide open on the floor of a dungeon in yellow latex. There’s a vibrator on me, and I just keep cumming and cumming!!

Latex body lingerie

NATURAL DISASTER – When I go over to Jon Woods house to borrow his computer, he ties me up in my jeans and t-shirt!

housewife in Jean

SEDUCED – It’s not very often I’m ordered to seduce a woman, so imagine my excitement when that woman was Jenni Lee. After we’re all fired up, I get tied tightly in between Jenni’s legs with tons of clothespins, checking out an amazing view.:-)

Two girls in distress

ONE ON ONE WITH SAMANTHA GRACE – My personal interview and hand-picked guest gallery with the beautiful fetish model Samantha Grace.

Samantha Grace


AMBUSH – I went looking for help when my car broke down on my way to a fancy dinner party. Instead of finding what I needed, a man appeared out of nowhere and dragged me off to a hideaway. He tied my elbows and ankles tightly, threatened me with a knife, shoved a gag in my mouth, then proceeded to grab my breasts as hard as he could. He then forced himself inside me, after which he finished me off with a vibrator. When he was done, he threw me on the floor, spread my legs, and violated me in every humiliating possible way. The minutes turned into hours as I lay at his mercy. I never thought it would end, until suddenly he just got up and walked away, throughly disgusted. I’m left torn and tattered in the dirty old shed, hoping to get rescued by another passerby. (photos inside)

Ambush video montage

WILDLIFE – I was so excited to wake up bright and early in search of hidden eggs Easter morning. While following the colorful bunny trail, I was shocked to see the Easter Bunny herself ( Desi D’angelo.) She grabbed me tightly, tied me up, and chuckled as she made me hop around. My big breasts pounding hard against my skin. When I grew tired, she left me with a souvenir (a stuffed bunny.) It was something to always remember her by when Easter Morning would come again.

Easter kinky bunny video preview

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