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Feb 5

VALENTINE SPECIAL – Girdle Delight –

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I thought I’d offer a sale during February since I know most people would rather be buying candy and presents for their girlfriends. :-(

UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT – Pink is my favorite color, so I dressed myself  in a very tight, sexy girdle. Before long, I was bound, groped and gagged in two different ways. But the real torture came when I was locked into a head-cage to keep from grinding my pussy against my crotch rope.

Ashley Renee

Plus, ON DISPLAY – Serious Bondage made a cool new chair and decided to chain me up naked in the middle of the room incase they had ‘any takers’.

Ashley Renee & Serious Bondage continues their “Target Ashley” series, exclusively for my site.

Ashley Renee & HIP Comix

But the best is yet to come, with my NEW VIDEO – BOUND SECRETARIES with Emily Addison – I guess having a good time wasn’t what the boss expected when Emily and I were left alone in the office. He ties us to our desk, stuffs our dirty panties in our mouths and tapes them shut. Emily and I are left helpless and struggling to get free.

Ashley Renee & Emily Addison

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