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Mar 30

Ashley’s Playroom updated 30 March 2011

Category: Playroom Update is updated with 6 amazing new videos, go have a peek!!

Ashley's torment thumbnail

ASHLEY’S TORMENT : JJ ties me to a chair, wraps twine around my breasts, stuffs her dirty panties in my mouth then clips my breasts and leaves me to struggle in pain.

Stuck in a Hole thumbnail

STUCK IN A HOLE : Devon Savage sticks me in a deep hole, tapes my body, gags me and threatens to bury me alive !

Pantyhose encasement part 1 thumbnail

PANTYHOSE ENCASEMENT Part 1 : JJ Plush slowly encases me from head to toe in nude pantyhose…

Pantyhose encasement part 2 thumbnails

PANTYHOSE ENCASEMENT Part 2 : JJ finishes off her encasement then duct tapes my body so I can’t move and forces me into a hogtie…

Executive Ashley thumbnail

EXECUTIVE ASHLEY : I go to see JJ for a private play session after hard days work. She collars, cuffs me, ties me in a cage with my pussy exposed then pulls me out by my leash, ties my hands and makes me walk in public with 6 inch stilettos….

Girl next door thumbnail

GIRL NEXT DOOR : Steve Villa tears my clothes off and ties me naked in a very rough hogtie on the floor then finishes me back forcing me to fuck him…

Xoxo Ashley

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  1. redlightgypsy March 31st, 2011 5:46 am

    the video with devon is probably my fav outdoor-session with you :-)

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