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Mar 2


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I have a whole update of interactive videos and photo sets this week. :-)

Super Ashley, Part 2 is up – The scary villain suspends me, takes away my super powers, then pulls my shiny spandex leotard down to reveal my breasts, and leaves me hanging with a ticking bomb!

Ashley Renee

Steve Villa attacks me while I’m doing my laundry! He breaks in through my garage door, grabs and throws me on the floor, ties me up, stuffs my panties in my mouth, and tightly wraps my face. Then he ties me up even more and leaves me there.

Ashley Renee & Steve Villa

I have a special St. Patrick’s Day set up, where an intoxicated customer, doesn’t like my service. So when he demands more drinks pronto, he forces himself upon me, fucks me, then shoves an empty bottle inside me. Afterward, he decorates me on the chair, so everyone can get an eye full.

Ashley Renee

I also have 2 brand new videos.

GIRL NEXT DOOR – One day, when coming home from work, my next door neighbor gets it in his head to attack me. He comes in, rips my clothes off, pulls my panties off, and gags me with them. I’m completely naked when he throws me to the ground and hogties me, so tight I can barely move. Helpless and moaning, I’m inching for safety when he returns to tie me even tighter!

Ashley Renee & Steve Villa

PUBLIC DISPLAY – I’m tied outside on the porch for everyone to see. I can’t hide my shame or embarrassment when I’m gagged with a ball. My skirt is pulled up, and my breasts are left for the world to see. I feel helpless and vulnerable. How could something so shameful happen to me? How will I ever show my face again?

Ashley Renee

I haven’t been hogtied completely naked in…..forever. So you really should grab it while you can because I might just decide to pull it down. lol

Ashley Renee & Sasha Monet

“Serious Bondage”, Eric Cain, JJ Plush and JG Leathers will be working with me in March!! I’ve never worked for “Futile Struggles” before, but I hope he goes hard on me, and EASY on me. :-P I can’t wait until Monday! Amber Michaels and I will be playing together!! YES!!!!!

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