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Mar 18

BONUS WEEK – Steve Villa – Jon Wood & Lorelei –

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I hope everyone didn’t party too hard on Saint Patrick’s Day. :-P I know I wasn’t feeling well, so as the usual, I was a ‘home body’ sitting here waiting for my knight in shining armor to rescue me. I had a busy few weeks, not that I’m complaining, because I was able to play a lot. If I’m not able to shoot, I feel like a pent up tiger pacing in her cage. Waiting, hoping…..ready for anything. :-) This week, I decided I was going to go rob someone, and who better then Steve Villa? I snuck into his house, but before I could get too far, he grabbed me, and taped up my whole body. He stuffed my mouth, ripped my pantyhose, and taught me a lesson of a lifetime. Instead of calling the authorities, he unbuckled his pants, and fucked me until I promised never to do break in again. (12 min video inside as well.)

Ashley Renee & Steve Villa

PUBLIC DISPLAY – Jon Woods and Lorelei invited me over for a delicious barbecue, but soon tied me outside on their porch, thinking I’d make for a great ‘meet and greet’ hostess. My breasts were out and my skirt was pulled up while a crotch rope was pulled tightly. I had no choice but to endure the humiliation. (video inside)

Ashley Renee & Jon Wood

WIRED UP – Jim Hunter is nothing but a bully! He ties me up with tight wire at the foot of the bed, then wraps it tightly around each painful breast. This doesn’t satisfy his craving for torture, so he continues by clover clamping my nipples as he ties off the rope to my ankles. OUCH! (9 minute video inside of the whole painful thing!)

Ashley Renee & Jim hunter

THE HIKER – While out hiking alone, I was grabbed, tortured, and driven off to an abandoned garage. There I was stripped of my clothing, chained up, and treated like a dog. I’ll never go hiking alone again!

Ashley Renee

DOUBLE DIPPING – Mz Berlin ordered me to dress in tight latex, and tied me up so I couldn’t move. She put weights on my pussy, and severe clamps on my breasts. She opened my legs wide, and penetrated me with a dildo which she left inside me as she finished me off with a vibrator.

Ashley Renee & MZ Berlin

PLUS….as a bonus, and hopefully ‘extra credit’ raves from my members, I’ve included a fetish set with me and Natali Demore in our latest Superheroine Fiasco. :-)

Ashley Renee & Natali Demore

Also, 2 Bondage Videos!

HOSTAGE – I’m grabbed suddenly and thrown into the trunk of a car. I’m driven off to an old abandon shed where I’m abused, tied, groped and left there for days. Starving and cold my captor unlocks the shed door ties me standing in a very stringent strepado, pulls my dress up to expose my private parts then ties me to the floor scared and blindfolded to anxiously await my fate!

Ashley Renee

GIRL NEXT DOOR – One day, when coming home from work, my next door neighbor gets it in his head to attack me. He comes in, rips my clothes off, pulls my panties off, and gags me with them. I’m completely naked when he throws me to the ground and hogties me, so tight I can barely move. Helpless and moaning, I’m inching for safety when he returns to tie me even tighter!

Ashley Renee & Steve Villa

Remember, I add new clips to everyday, so there are tons of clips to choose from. I’m so proud of my determination to put so many videos up, as requested by my members. Also, is updated every 2 weeks with brand new content, for those who don’t like membership sites. I’m eager to please. What can I say?

Sunday, I’m working with “Rubbernecro”, “Rubberdynasty” and “Serious Bondage”. And Monday, “Serious Bondage” and I have a solo play date. :-)


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