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Nov 10


Category: Ashley's Thoughts

I shot a set you wouldn’t normally see me in. I’m a thief that got caught red handed, tied up and de-masked to reveal my true identity. I love the storyline and the rope work is just amazing !.
Ashley Renee

Also, a mummification by a real lifestyler! This guy isn’t some professional rigger. Ratjer is someone who truly loves mummification and has been doing it most of his life. I think it was a real masterpiece and quite an experience. I really hope you’ll agree.
Ashley Renee & Ratjer

Lorelei ties me up like a sex kitten on my very favorite sheepskin rug.
Ashley Renee & Lorelei

And the one and only Ed Fox takes me to an old dirty car garage, throws me on a steel table and uses tape and rope to keep me there. Lots of interaction, tight nipple clamps and cropping my naked flesh!
Ashley Renee

One of my very favorite domination sets with January Seraph and I dressed all in shiny latex. January pulls me from a cage, straps me into a latex straightjacket then spreads my legs to insert a huge toy in my dripping wet pussy.
Ashley Renee & Seraph

Lastly some of my very favorite fetish sets (in that section of my site) featuring me and Eve Ellis, Jenna Lyte, Vanessa and I and my favorite to date owned by Eden Wells as my master in sick puppy… fetching, rolling over, peeing on paper, you name it ! I’m doing it! I’m such a good puppy!
Ashley Renee

I also have a great new video with Mistress Sable taken by
Finally Mistress Sable and I meet for the very first time. She’s a real pro dom and is used to men clientele so she’s a bit rough and into extreme s/m! I’m laced into a tight corset anxiously awaiting her arrival and then gagged, and clamped with tight clamps as she bends me over, plays roughly with my breasts and spanks my ass then ties me off to a bar that hangs overhead and mindfucks me all the way to orgasm! What a trip!
Ashley Renee & Mistress Sable

I also have a video with Jim martin of bondage by Request. I’m tied, forced to such cock, roughed up then gagged, vet wrapped and penetrated. How much more can a girl take?
Ashley Renee

I really think I covered all basis this week, actually I take that back. I do that every week!
I hope you agree!



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  1. redlightgypsy November 11th, 2009 11:32 am

    i agree absolutely :-)

  2. Ryan November 17th, 2009 2:16 am

    Always the highlight of my week, new Ashley Renee updates! This will sound very wrong, but there’s something about you peeing on the paper in sick puppy that’s unbelievably hot. Maybe the total lack of inhibition to do it.

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