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Nov 13


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My life is crazy as usual, and many times, I feel that I can’t think straight.   There is so much going on.   I feel like a juggler trying to keep all the balls in my life up in the air, and if only one drops, they will all drop.

The only time I can give myself a chance to escape is in my work.   Thank goodness for bondage!   My all time favorite movie is ‘The Secretary’.   James Spader is just as hot as ever, and I love the way she found herself through bondage.   I feel like that person, and I totally indentify!   Finally, Hollywood got the concept of bondage correct!    So, I really wanted to do a shoot similar to that movie!    You have to check out all the peeks on this!  (So, make sure to click the photo to see the rest!)   The BEST part of this set was at the end where I’m handcuffed and tied. Even my breasts are handcuffed, making them huge and swollen. Then I’m forced to cum with a hi speed vibrator!
Ashley ReneeAshley Renee

This week I am violated, as usual! I’m violated in everyway locked up in a jail cell. Probed, penetrated, frisked, and given a very violating sponge bath!
Ashley Renee

Of course my favorite pay off is a forced orgasms! And what a great pay off it is as I roll around tied and sexy in a luxurious hotel!
Ashley Renee

I was accused of cheating at golf, so, in punishment, I was tied right then and there to the golf cart!
Ashley Renee

As innocent as I am, I always find myself in these predicaments! I’m caught and tied in an old, dirty room! (You must click the photos to see more!!)
Ashley Renee

Nurse Jewell feels I need a THOROUGH exam, and she definately gives it to me! She decides the best way to diagnose me is to watch me masturbate! Again, there is so much more to the updates, so, you really must click the photos to check it all out! This is just a tiny sample!

There are TWO NEW video updates this week, including my FIRST EVER tied up interview! Can you believe I’ve never done that before? Don’t miss this one!!!
Ashley Renee & Jewell Marceau




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  1. Ryan November 17th, 2009 2:15 am

    Bondage at it’s best, with the most beautiful woman in the industry at her best. Stunning work as usual, Ashley.

  2. redlightgypsy November 20th, 2009 3:30 pm

    the tittycuffs are marvelous :-)

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