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Feb 16

Ashley & Julie Simone ..

Category: Ashley's Thoughts

ASHLEY LOVES JULIE ( 2013 AVN Best Speciality video nomination) I can’t get enough of Julie Simone and seems Julie feels the same way. She ties me up, tortures my breasts and then fucks me with her beautiful stocking feet.

STOCKS AND BONDS : Completely naked except for thigh high boots then fastened tightly in stocks with severe breast bondage, a ball gag, mouse traps and an anal hook…who could ask for more ?

THE SPECTACULAR JULIE SIMONE : A guest gallery and interview from someone I am proud to call my friend…the best rigger ever !

RUNAWAY BRIDE : I couldn’t help it… I got cold feet on my weeding day. My in laws weren’t pleased so when they found me I was tied and penetrated in both ofices…then the groom and pastor game in to finsish the ceremony like it or not.

AVANT GARDE : Untied and walloowing in bondage…in the fetish section.

X FRAME : Tied, suctioned, turned and twisted !

BURGLAR : He came into his room to catch ashley trying to rip him off. So he grabbed her and called the front desk to report the crime. Then he had a change of heart and decided to handle this without involving the authorities. The video begins with the man calling the front desk to tell them to cancel his request for them to call the authorities. He is holding her with his hand over her mouth and her hands tied. When he hangs up, he stuffs and ties a gag in her mouth to shut her up. He then uses more rope to tie her up completely. After leaving her to struggle for a short while, the man returns and unties her Then after pulling her skirt off and her bra down, he re-gags her by re-stuffing her mouth and wrapping tape around her face and mouth. He then puts her face down on the bed and ties her spread eagle. she struggles hard to get away. But she is tied down tight and not going anywhere. Soon she is going to find out what happens to girls who try to rip this guy off when he gets behind her and pulls her panties down.

LEATHERED UP (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : I was so excited when I got to look through a bag of toys and found a super sexy leather straightjacket and thigh high ballet boots! I could hardly contain myself as I slowly laced up the tall boots, feeling the leather against my skin. My sexual excitement was apparent as I was roped into the leather jacket! My ankles and knees were tied tightly, and soon after that (my favorite of all) a crotch-rope was added with a knot placed right over my most sensitive spot. Then a head harness was added exciting me further. I wiggled and writhed, feeling vulnerable and helpless, while at the same time, loving the ironic security of it all. Then the rigger jumped in to ‘help me out’, since he could see I was craving even more pleasure. Guess he thought I’d appreciate it later. Needless to say, afterward I slept like a baby. ;))


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