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Feb 14

Ropes, gags & more …

Category: Ashley's Thoughts

ABDUCTED : A masked man jumped out and pulled me into a dirty old garage when I was walking home and minding my own business. He grabbed, groped, tied me up and cut off my clothes. I was left bound, naked and terrified !

MODEL SEARCH : When I noticed a famous bondage producer was staying at our hotel, I knocked on his door and practically threw myself at his feet. I’ll do anything to be on a popular website, including getting tied, gagged, thrown around, and fucked. All this because I want to prove how much I love bondage. I hope it shows.

CUM FOR ME : Jacklyn Lick is a very sensual player. She knows how to make my bodycum, shake and tingle with her every move. I submit to her competely…and can only hope she returns soon to play again !

FUCK YOURSELF : Everyone knows how much I love to masturbate, but some Masters don’t like it when I touch myself without permission. For my punishment, I’m tied wide open, blindfolded, forced to deep throat, and then get fucked hard and deep until I’m sore all over.

BONDAGE BALLET : I’m tied up in various positions wearing beautiful shiny pvc and toe shoes.

HOSED : JJ Plush encases me in pantyhose before duct taping me, filling my mouth with dirty panties, grabbing me good and hard everywhere, and finishing me in a stringent hogtie which leaves me gaging in my own despair.

MUKI’S KITCHEN : Julie Simone gets me prepared for dinner. I’m oiled up, have an apple shoved in my mouth, breadcrumbs poured over me, all before she watches as I’m baked to utter perfection.

OUTTAKES : With Krystal Summers, Gord and Ariella Fererra!

SHOPLIFTER (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : No one likes a thief, especially one that works for you. I actually thought I’d gotten away clean with all my stolen clothes. I carefully snuck into the bathroom and changed hoping no one would notice. I got a cheap thrill knowing I’d gotten away with a bad deed. Little did I know, the boss knew exactly what has been going on for months, and he wasn’t happy at all! I’m interrogated, my breasts are put through extreme torture, and I’m thrown around like some worthless dirty little toy. He ties me up and makes sure he overpowers me from head to toe, before shoving a huge gag into my mouth. I had learned my very valuable lesson, but that didn’t stop my angry boss from working me to his benefit.

CAT BURGLAR : Ashley breaks into JJ Plush’s apartment and gets caught! They wrestle until Ashley is subdued then tied in a strict hogtie and taunted by JJ! After she captures me JJ Plush secures me in a very strict hogtie, stuffs my mouth under the nylon cap and leaves me there to struggle!


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