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Jun 14

Update June 06 2013

Category: Ashley's Thoughts

HIDE AND GO SEEK : Ashley is left to wonder and soon bound in a tight girdle, head harness and inflatable butt plug!

I LOVE LEATHER : Stuffed in a leather sack and hood. I’m vibed till I can’t cum anymore!

KIDNAPPED : Thrown in a dirty garage, tied, gagged and forced into various positions.

ROPED IN : Tied, gagged and struggling…

STRUGGLE : Tight corset, lots of rope & drool… :)

PUSS AND BOOTS : JJ Plush loves me so much she wants me around 24/7. I’m tied, gagged and clamped then kept close to her side.

STRETCHED : Sarah knows what an easy target I am, and what a willing participant I am, so she ties me to the sling, and tickles every vulnerable spot. Then to even out pleasure and pain she attaches the hardest nipple clamps, ties them off to the ceiling and tugs them through out alternating between pleasure and pain.

WHIPPED : Playing with floggers always excite me !

RAVISHED (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : Forced into sex and bondage after being grab from my day job in a skirt, blouse, pantyhose and classic pumps. I’m strapped down and fucked with a machine that gets faster and stronger. A vibrator is gradually tied to my clit while clover clamps keep me spread and opened wide. My position is changed twice while a new gag is added with some industrial strenght nipple clamps.

TAPED : I’m grabbed, taped and locked in the back of a Jeep then take to Natali Demore’s warehouse where she duct tapes my whole body more, uses me as her table, then slowly and methodically uses her ass and pussy to smother me. She decides she likes me better naked so she ties me up in a position that pleases her most and smothers the air right out of me…

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