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Dec 17


Category: Ashley's Thoughts

JULIE TIES ASHLEY (video inside) : Julie Simone ties me in a green latex catsuit, and a wicked shibari hogtie!

 Ashley Renee in green latex catsuit tied up by Julie SImone

TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS : My boss punishes me by tying meup progressively in a strict balltie, gag and slowly penetrating me with a huge dildo !

WILD THING : This is what happens when one cave woman ties another… it’s very uncivilized :)

WHIPPING (Video inside) : Darla Crane whips, crops and spanks my entire body!

BDSM : Tied helpless in latex, tormented with clothes pins & more.

CUM DISGRACE : Dressed in a black bodystocking and steel toe boots Ashley is led into a lockbox. Locked up to her neck in it, her mouth is left exposed and fucked by a machine. Then a nylon is placed over Ashley head and she’s fucked until she gets doused with cum!

PILE DRIVER : Tied in a very uncomfortable pile driver position, My pussy lips and inner things are squeezed together tightly with clothespins. Then I’m forced to into a game of orgasm control and denial during an no nonsense interrogation by the harsh Damon Pierce.

GREEN LATEX DRESS (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : My boyfriend told me that he wanted to give me a special gift for being such an obedient girl. Knowing him, the gift would definitely be something naughty & fun. He did not disappoint. First, he made me squeeze myself into a super sexy latex dress he’d bought for me with no panties. Next, he led me to a room where he shackled me to a small leather bench before leaving me alone to struggle against my chains. After a few minutes, in walked my gift & would be tormentor, the beautiful Darla Crane. She immediately started groping me all over, stopping only occasionally to put her wet mouth on my breasts. My pussy grew wet with excitement. But I knew the pleasure/pain part of this present was soon to follow. She gagged me with a big red ball, then cuffed each of my huge tits with ankle cuffs. After that, Darla pinched super tight nipple clamps hard down on my tender pink flesh. It hurt more than I expected. To distract me from the pain, Darla pulled out a vibrating wand that she chained between my legs & pressed against my exposed clit. I immediately forgot about the pain of my nipples & started nearing close to climax. Watching me moan with pleasure excited Darla so much, that she exposed her large breasts & started fondling them lustfully. As I grew closer to orgasm, I couldn’t help but wonder….would she remove the device right after I came, or still force it upon me until pleasure turned to pain? Hmm….
 Ashley Renee in latex tied up by Darla Crane

PLEASE STOP! : Viking stops by my hotel room demanding I strip down to my sexy panties. I’m totally taken with Viking so I easily submit to every demand. He ties me slowly so he I can struggle around sensuously on the beautiful white linen bed. Without warning he starts to tickle every inch of my body , before and after he clothespins my breasts. I’m in between so many different emotions. They alternate between pain, and laughing so hard that my stomach aches:)

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