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Dec 21


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HAND LOW : Bound in a pearlsheen purple basque, with my breasts tied, restraints and hanging over:)
 Ashley Renee in latex cuffed hands up

A BEAUTIFUL MESS : Ariella Ferrera and I are tied, gagged and left to drool, whimper and struggle together…

ASHLEY’S WHIPPING : Damon Piece ties me up tightly to a chair the minute I walk through his door. He puts clothespins on my breasts and gives me a whipping of the lifetime. When he’s bored with all my marks and screaming he grabs the single tail and whips off all my clothespins. After realizing he had neglected my bare feet he corrects his mistake !

LEATHER WORKS : Leather boots, belt, straps then taped and left to Wallow in my own sexuality…

MEDICAL BENEFITS : Doctor Dalton, from “Serious Bondage”, doesn’t care for my crazy attitude. So, he straps me to a medical chair, rips my gown off, and tortures me just for the fun of it. When he’s all done, I’m thrown down and re-strapped to a wire frame bed while he contemplates what evil thing to do to me next.

SHEER ELEGANCE : Struggling in a sheer gown on the couch and floor with metal collar with chains ,metal belt and restraints.Then gagged with a ball and fucked in the mouth with a dildo then in the pussy!!

EXECUTIVE ASHLEY : Ms Ashley Renee takes a day off from her high power position to meet with a domme, where she won’t need to be the boss. First she finds herself in a cage with a huge white ballgag, her wrists and ankles bound and tied off to the top of the cage. She is wearing an open bottomed girdle and black stocking with her suit and white satin blouse but she forgot her panties on this occasion. After some time her boss for the day comes to get her out of the cage, leashes her and takes her for a walk down the hallway with her arms bound behind her back, still wearing the enormous ballgag. Ms Renee may be used to wearing suits, but is not used to wearing 6 inch high heels. She tries desperately not to stumble, struggling with the task.

ON FIRE : Dressed in garter belt, full fashion stockings and high stiletto heels, I can’t help but make myself cum. After I sit on the coach for a little down time… Jim Martin comes over and ties me in several different bondage positions and watches as I drool and struggle about. He wants to teach me a lesson about forced orgasms so he ties a magic wand to my pussy and makes me cum over and over again till I can hardly move a muscle !

PROOF OF LIFE (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : My husband was out of town & I had just arrived home after a day of shopping. Unbeknownst to me, a creepy kidnapper had let himself in & was waiting for me in the dark shadows of my home. The second I had my back to him, he lunged at me & put a cloth of chloroform over my mouth. The next thing I remember, I awoke to find myself in a creepy place, dressed in a sexy babydoll, bound all over my body. I could overhear him on the phone talking to, who I assumed was, my husband, demanding that he paying him $2,000,000 or he would never see me alive again. The villain then hung up the phone & approached me on the sofa carrying a video camera. He filmed me struggling for what seemed like an eternity before pulling out his camera phone to also snap stills. He spoke only for a minute to let me know that he would be sending this content to my husband as proof of life. At that point….all I could do was pray that my husband loved me as much as I loved him…
 Ashley Renee tied up in pink lingerie on couch

MAID CHALLENGE : Carissa Montgomery is in charge of the household duties with the owners of the house are away. Ashley is under her complete supervision but when she becomes difficult and refuses to perform her duty, Clarissa takes matters in her own hands. She forces Ashley to clean the floor spotless but Ashley is bratty and defiant ! Clarissa finally has enough of her bad attitude and whips her into shape. Ashley continues so she’s handcuffed all over her body including her big huge breasts . The owner comes home unexpectedly and punishes both his maids for bad behavior. Ashley is strapped up tightly to a chair with her vibrator which turns on Clarissa and she is permitted to do the same. The two girls moan, squirm and cum together in explosive ecstasy !
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