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Jan 30


Category: Ashley's Thoughts

X MARKS THE SPOT : I’m always a very good submissive. Especially when I’m cuffed, and full of clothespins! Come inside and see for yourself. I’ll be waiting.
 AShley Renee tied up in lingerie legs up

PURE ASH : Bound in a white garter, stockings and O ring!

BLIND AMBITION : Ashley is led to a leather bench by a leash. She sits and JJPlush unleash her and then JJ start to tie up her arms (on film). Once her arms are tied JJ Plush nipple clamp her and then put a black harness gag on her and tie up her huge boobs. Then JJPlush tie her ankles and thighs, before helping her to her side and removing the breast bondage so JJPlush can hogtie her. JJ put Ashley into a tight hogtie and then JJ Plush hood her with a spandex hood and gag her with a silver ballgag and grope her a bit before leaving her there to struggle, but something is lacking….JJ Plush add more rope around her forehead and tie it back to the hogtie. That’s better! Then JJPlush leave her there to struggle.

BONDAGE ORGASMS : Ian Rath ties me to a bed with a ball gag, nipple clamps and a vibrator just to release some of my frustrations.

SQUEEZE BOX: Vulnerable in nothing but panties, Viking places me into a hogtie and applies clothespins to my voluptuous body!

TIGHT FIT : Showing off my new latex hobble dress in my fetish section.

MAIDS HONOR (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : My husband loves to see me in skimpy lingerie, so he bought me this lacy maids apron, and garter . He knows how much I adore aprons. I always feel so hot when I’m wearing skimpy clothes. I was pleasuring myself as I waited for him to arrive, but instead a masked man broke in my room . I was terrified. He forced himself on me, gagged me with a huge ball, and started groping my body. I became frantic, and tried to fight him off but, I didn’t stand a chance. He was too strong. I was completely helpless. He watched as I rolled around , whimpering, and frightened. This only turned him on more . Before I knew it he was taking photos to blackmail me with. I didn’t know what was going to happen to me!
 Maids HONOR Video

DON’T YOU DARE MOVE! : Attacked by a voyeur in a dirty public bathroom. He squeezes handcuffs tightly on my huge,swollen breasts and ties my hands tightly behind my back .I’m gagged and groped, then fucked in both orifices with huge toys. When I try and plead through my gag he takes out a hankershief and blindfolds me tightly then changes that gag for a more efficient one.I’m manhandled and ,roughed up and totally humiliated till I can’t take it anymore!

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