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Jan 2


Category: Ashley's Thoughts

HUMAN RESOURCES : A masked man interrupts me while I masturbate. He stuffs my mouth, tapes my face. Then he manhandles me, and threatens me with a sharp knife!
 Ashley Renee tied up in casual clothes

DOWN AND DIRTY : These photos were actually taken by the famous Ed Fox and appeared in his coffee table book Glamour from the ground up. So, here’s the set. I thought my members might appreciate this difficult position, tough S/m and grungy setting:)

SICK PUPPY : Eden Wells gets the puppy she’s always wanted….

LEATHER WORKS : Leather boots, belt, straps then taped and left to Wallow in my own sexuality…

CHRISTMAS LIST : Guy D Silva got exactly what he wanted for Christmas. He wished for me, so I was delivered. I was so excited to finally be with a man this year, since I’d been stashed away at Santa’s factory waiting. I didn’t realize I’d be bound, gagged and doubly penetrated with my favorite peppermint sticks. What a surprise!

HOSED : Tied in a partial shibari suspension with encased head and tightly secured with rope.

GIFT WRAPPED : Catch and tied up by Anastasia Pierce while unwrapping my Christmas Gifts

HANGING OUT (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : Lorelei tied me in my gorgeous latex Basque. She knows my favorite position is a strappado, so she decided to add a little pop to the scene. She added very tight breast bondage so my boobs would like huge and full. I must admit, the position was difficult. My elbows were tied tightly together, a crotch rope forcing me to cum, and breast bondage suffocating my boobs. Wow!
 Ashley Renee in latex tied up in strappado by Lorelei

STRAP ON DOM : Mistress Julie Simone flips me over on my back so she can admire her rope work. She verbally humiliates me by telling me what a bad slave I’ve been! Julie torments my huge swollen breasts and dominates me into full psychological submission. She pulls out a gigantic strap on as a reminder of what to expect next time I don’t listen to my Mistress!!!

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