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Jan 30


Category: Ashley's Thoughts

CYBER SEX : Grabbed and tied in a leather corset, getting fucked by various toys and machines by an alien from another world.

SUCH A GOOD GIRL : Viking promises me a reward if I’m a good girl, but that quickly turns to torment after he discovers I’m not so good after all.

HUMAN RESOURCES (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : What did I do to deserve this? I was in my hotel room after a long day at a conference . I just wanted to wind down, so I thought I’d daydream about the perfect sexual encounter. I didn’t know some perverted masked man should barge through my unlocked door, tie me up and start groping my entire body . I was scared beyond belief . He took out a knife, pulled my panties off and started threatening my tender pussy . I was petrified. He then stuffed my mouth and wrapped my face with tape. He continued to sexually assault me . I wish I never had agreed to go to that conference on Human Resources. I would have been better off. I constantly relive the torment of that day.
 Ashley Renee tied up Saico

ABDUCTION OF ASHLEY RENEE : Ashley gets grabbed, and trapped in an abandon warehouse, tied on the hard, cold floor in a spread-eagle then tormented and interrogated. Her clothes are ripped off and she’s manhandled and tormented. She can’t stop begging and pleading for her captor to release her. He shows her no mercy but, delights in watching her humiliated and suffering.

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