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Mar 7


Category: Ashley's Thoughts

BREAK TIME : I was tied and bound with a stuffing gag , then manhandled and left to suffer when a masked man broke into my office at break time and caught me fondling myself.
 Ashley Renee toples in mini leather skirt

ON POINT : Sexy cheesecake photos showing off my tight, shiny latex dress, ballet boots and pantyhose then getting bound in an awesome hog-tie with a big blue ball-gag!
Ashley Renee in latex dress and seamed pantyhose with ballet boots

DETECTIVE ASHLEY : Undercover Detective Ashley, stumbles upon a slave ring by accident. She’s taken as a sex slave by ring leaders, Luc Wylder and Devon Savage. She’s humiliated, trained and fucked into total submission.

INTENSE : JG Leathers pays me a visit with some custom gear and a whole lot of pain!

DENTAL ASSISTANT : When I see patient, Eden Wells in my dental chair , I can’t control myself nor could the Doctor!

MAID TO ORDER : When I showed up dressed and ready to follow orders for the day, all I was instructed to do was sexy tease while afterwards I get bound In front of the bed !

COMFORTABLY NUMB : Bound in an old school hog-tie, my mouth gets stuffed and wrapped, then I’m put into another stringent position!

CHECK UP (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD):Doctor Simone (Julie Simone) decides she’d like to exert a little punishment on her lazy Nurse’s Assistant (Ashley Renee.) It seems that she feels her assistant has been derelict in her duties of late, & it’s about time she straightened her out! Hm… What punishment should a doctor administer she thought? Humiliation was the doctors weapon of choice, so the vengeful doctor gagged her beautiful victim, & tied the Nurse’s Assistant down to the office chair with her legs overhead. She then unzipped the crotch to the helpless girl’s latex unitard to reveal her tender, bare pussy. But she was not through yet. The next step was to announce to all interested parties that they may now enter & do whatever they want with her exposed pussy. What happens next, remains to be seen…

ANAL OBSESSION : I’m bound and gagged with an extreme head -harness , and anal inflatable butt plug then dropped off and left to wonder around helplessly in the wilderness. Before long my captor returns and ties me to a tree. My arms are pulled up into a painful strepaddo. My corselette is slowly creeping up so my inflatable butt plug is exposed. The intimidating stranger pumps up my plug to its full capacity and leaves me there exposed, humiliated and in pain.

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Mar 5


Category: Ashley's Thoughts

BREATHLESS : Julie Simone hand gags and smothers me till I pass out!
 Ashley Renee in bodystockings tied up

911 : Officer Ashley tied in chains!!!

HOT MESS : Jim Weathers wants me all in PVC, stilettos, a single glove and a chin strap gag. Jim always gets what he wants !

9 1/2 WEEKS : Master ties me to the refrigerator , blindfolds me then force feeds me various food!

SEXUAL HEALING : I’m tied up tightly with rope while dressed in sexy lingerie. Then I’m vibed until I cum!

CORRUPTING DEAUXMA : Ashley corrupts Deauxma with her slutty ways, and love for bondage. She seduces her, ties her up, and shares a magic wand so they can both get off. After Deauxma is untied, she strips for Ashley, and commits to more play days together.

HOOKED : Tied and immobile with a steel hook inside in my ass!

DARK & MYSTERIOUS (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : I was a secretary working for one of the biggest international companies in the world, & I had recently been transferred to an oversees location to be the top executive assistant to the company’s CEO. My new boss was strange, dark & mysterious. He was extremely serious & his expression rarely changed. He kept odd hours & held quiet meetings with men of few words. One late evening, I returned to the office after dinner, as I had accidentally left my wallet at work, & I found myself in the wrong place at the wrong time. I witnessed something I should not have seen. When my boss saw me, he immediately sent one of his hench men to deal with me & make sure I was scared enough to never utter a word about what I had witnessed. The man pulled me into an office, hiked up my skirt, ripped open my blouse, & tied me down to a chair. He then pulled out his bag of goodies & removed a ring gag which he forced in my mouth. He violated me by roughly grabbing my tits & squeezing my nipples. Then he removed some Med-Tape from his bag & wrapped it around my head, tighter & tighter. He uttered only a few garbled words, warning me to keep my mouth shut or I would come to endure far, far worse. Then he left me there alone, for hours. Just as the sun began to break at dawn, on this Thursday morning, he entered, & without saying a word, he untied me & let me go. I went home, cleaned myself up, got dressed, & returned to work at 9 am. As far as I was concerned….I didn’t see anything.

BREAST TORTURE : The boss ties me to a chair, gags me then squishes my breasts in a horrible contraption. The breast breast is a tight vice that gradually closes in on my huge boobs ! I moan, writhe, struggle and drool when I feel the stringent squeeze !!

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Jan 31


Category: Ashley's Thoughts

CAPTIVE : Held captive in rope, and handcuffs when I rented out a hotel.
 Ashley Renee in red lingerie and nylons on bed

CUM FOR ME : Jacklyn Lick is a very sensual player. She knows how to make my bodycum, shake and tingle with her every move. I submit to her competely…and can only hope she returns soon to play again !

BENT OVER BACKWARDS : Tied in my sexy latex dress in a very bendy position!
 Ashley Renee in latex tied up legs over head

ENDANGERED BRIDE : The best man runs kidnaps Ashley and ties her in a gun trap!

HOOKED : Tied and immobile with a steel hook inside in my ass!

CHAIN REACTION : My master has me all naked and chained, then tied in a very harsh semi suspension pulled up by a crotchrope and .extreme breast tension!

BEND OVER BACKWARDS (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : What a lovely way to show off all my assets. Tied with my legs over my head , and my tight pussy peaking out beneath my shiny , tight rubber dress. My big breasts fall out of my latex due to the stringent position. The ring gag drips with my drool all over my huge breasts. All the struggling only makes my breasts jiggle, and the drool fly.

BOUND TO GET FUCKEDJewell Marceau loves to tease Ashley and today is no different. Jewell ties Ashley up and then tightens the big dildo gag in Ashley’s mouth. There’s no escaping Jewell as she starts licking and sucking on the big red cock, making Ashley squirm as she strokes it and massages Ashley’s tits. Pretty soon Jewel Marceau can’t take the teasing and she climbs on top of Ashley’s face, lowering her pussy down onto the Ashley’s face and the big dildo gag! Ashley’s moans and squirms as Jewell rides her face until she cums.

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Jan 30


Category: Ashley's Thoughts

CYBER SEX : Grabbed and tied in a leather corset, getting fucked by various toys and machines by an alien from another world.

SUCH A GOOD GIRL : Viking promises me a reward if I’m a good girl, but that quickly turns to torment after he discovers I’m not so good after all.

HUMAN RESOURCES (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : What did I do to deserve this? I was in my hotel room after a long day at a conference . I just wanted to wind down, so I thought I’d daydream about the perfect sexual encounter. I didn’t know some perverted masked man should barge through my unlocked door, tie me up and start groping my entire body . I was scared beyond belief . He took out a knife, pulled my panties off and started threatening my tender pussy . I was petrified. He then stuffed my mouth and wrapped my face with tape. He continued to sexually assault me . I wish I never had agreed to go to that conference on Human Resources. I would have been better off. I constantly relive the torment of that day.
 Ashley Renee tied up Saico

ABDUCTION OF ASHLEY RENEE : Ashley gets grabbed, and trapped in an abandon warehouse, tied on the hard, cold floor in a spread-eagle then tormented and interrogated. Her clothes are ripped off and she’s manhandled and tormented. She can’t stop begging and pleading for her captor to release her. He shows her no mercy but, delights in watching her humiliated and suffering.

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Jan 30


Category: Ashley's Thoughts

X MARKS THE SPOT : I’m always a very good submissive. Especially when I’m cuffed, and full of clothespins! Come inside and see for yourself. I’ll be waiting.
 AShley Renee tied up in lingerie legs up

PURE ASH : Bound in a white garter, stockings and O ring!

BLIND AMBITION : Ashley is led to a leather bench by a leash. She sits and JJPlush unleash her and then JJ start to tie up her arms (on film). Once her arms are tied JJ Plush nipple clamp her and then put a black harness gag on her and tie up her huge boobs. Then JJPlush tie her ankles and thighs, before helping her to her side and removing the breast bondage so JJPlush can hogtie her. JJ put Ashley into a tight hogtie and then JJ Plush hood her with a spandex hood and gag her with a silver ballgag and grope her a bit before leaving her there to struggle, but something is lacking….JJ Plush add more rope around her forehead and tie it back to the hogtie. That’s better! Then JJPlush leave her there to struggle.

BONDAGE ORGASMS : Ian Rath ties me to a bed with a ball gag, nipple clamps and a vibrator just to release some of my frustrations.

SQUEEZE BOX: Vulnerable in nothing but panties, Viking places me into a hogtie and applies clothespins to my voluptuous body!

TIGHT FIT : Showing off my new latex hobble dress in my fetish section.

MAIDS HONOR (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : My husband loves to see me in skimpy lingerie, so he bought me this lacy maids apron, and garter . He knows how much I adore aprons. I always feel so hot when I’m wearing skimpy clothes. I was pleasuring myself as I waited for him to arrive, but instead a masked man broke in my room . I was terrified. He forced himself on me, gagged me with a huge ball, and started groping my body. I became frantic, and tried to fight him off but, I didn’t stand a chance. He was too strong. I was completely helpless. He watched as I rolled around , whimpering, and frightened. This only turned him on more . Before I knew it he was taking photos to blackmail me with. I didn’t know what was going to happen to me!
 Maids HONOR Video

DON’T YOU DARE MOVE! : Attacked by a voyeur in a dirty public bathroom. He squeezes handcuffs tightly on my huge,swollen breasts and ties my hands tightly behind my back .I’m gagged and groped, then fucked in both orifices with huge toys. When I try and plead through my gag he takes out a hankershief and blindfolds me tightly then changes that gag for a more efficient one.I’m manhandled and ,roughed up and totally humiliated till I can’t take it anymore!

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