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Mar 7


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BREAK TIME : I was tied and bound with a stuffing gag , then manhandled and left to suffer when a masked man broke into my office at break time and caught me fondling myself.
 Ashley Renee toples in mini leather skirt

ON POINT : Sexy cheesecake photos showing off my tight, shiny latex dress, ballet boots and pantyhose then getting bound in an awesome hog-tie with a big blue ball-gag!
Ashley Renee in latex dress and seamed pantyhose with ballet boots

DETECTIVE ASHLEY : Undercover Detective Ashley, stumbles upon a slave ring by accident. She’s taken as a sex slave by ring leaders, Luc Wylder and Devon Savage. She’s humiliated, trained and fucked into total submission.

INTENSE : JG Leathers pays me a visit with some custom gear and a whole lot of pain!

DENTAL ASSISTANT : When I see patient, Eden Wells in my dental chair , I can’t control myself nor could the Doctor!

MAID TO ORDER : When I showed up dressed and ready to follow orders for the day, all I was instructed to do was sexy tease while afterwards I get bound In front of the bed !

COMFORTABLY NUMB : Bound in an old school hog-tie, my mouth gets stuffed and wrapped, then I’m put into another stringent position!

CHECK UP (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD):Doctor Simone (Julie Simone) decides she’d like to exert a little punishment on her lazy Nurse’s Assistant (Ashley Renee.) It seems that she feels her assistant has been derelict in her duties of late, & it’s about time she straightened her out! Hm… What punishment should a doctor administer she thought? Humiliation was the doctors weapon of choice, so the vengeful doctor gagged her beautiful victim, & tied the Nurse’s Assistant down to the office chair with her legs overhead. She then unzipped the crotch to the helpless girl’s latex unitard to reveal her tender, bare pussy. But she was not through yet. The next step was to announce to all interested parties that they may now enter & do whatever they want with her exposed pussy. What happens next, remains to be seen…

ANAL OBSESSION : I’m bound and gagged with an extreme head -harness , and anal inflatable butt plug then dropped off and left to wonder around helplessly in the wilderness. Before long my captor returns and ties me to a tree. My arms are pulled up into a painful strepaddo. My corselette is slowly creeping up so my inflatable butt plug is exposed. The intimidating stranger pumps up my plug to its full capacity and leaves me there exposed, humiliated and in pain.

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