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Mar 27


Category: Ashley's Thoughts

QUALITY TIME : Beautiful Ashley Renee decides she’s in desperate need of some quality time/punishment from her favorite buxom Mistress (Julie Simone.) Julie makes Ashley beg & plead for some playtime until she finally grants her wish. Mistress Julie decides she’s going to take her dear sweet time roping her sexy prey into some extensive & elaborate bondage, all the while, leaving Ashley in the dark as to what fate awaits her. Will it be pleasure? Will it be pain? Only Mistress knows what pleasurable torment will befall her…
 Ashley Renee in lingerie and stockings covered of ropes

UNDER PRESSURE : Bound, and tested to see how much I can really take.

PINNED : Tied, clamped and clipped!

KINKY CLINIC : Julie Simone ties, and tortures me in the kinky medical clinic!
 Ashley Renee in latex tied up by Julie SImone

GHOSTBUSTERS : I never imagined I’d get attacked , and tied by a ghost!!!

HAVING A BALL : My boss punishes me by throwing me tying me tightly into a ball, then throwing me outside in the wilderness.

IT’S A STRUGGLE : All tied up in my gorgeous Agent Provacator lingerie and leather!!!

KEEPING IT REAL (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : I love the feel of shiny, tight latex on my skin. The way it hugs my curves, and makes me look and feel like a sensuous sex kitten. I put on my pantyhose too. I wanted to savor a few different textures. I thought the back seamed hose gave this dress an added sexual flair. I slowly put on my favorite ballet boots and suddenly got lost in to many sensations to explain . I poured lube all over my body, even my black knee high favorites. I couldn’t stop feeling the tight rubber over my big boobs. The way it outlined them. The way my wet pussy felt against my sleek nylon pantyhose. I was in heaven, no doubt. Slowly writing, and enjoying every sexy inch of my new latex. Cum watch, and see for yourself.

TICKLE TORTURE : Cory Lane invited Ashley Renee over to her house for an innocent game of poker. Little did Ashley know that Cory had something more devious in mind. The loser would get tied up and tickled over every inch of her body.. Cory was so excited when Ashley lost.

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