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Mar 28


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TAKEN : Grabbed, then taken to a strangers secluded house where he ties me on his tool bench and watches me as I shiver with terror. He unties me , and throws me in the wire frame at the bottom, and continues with his creepy charade.
 Ashley Renee tape gagged lipsticked


EXTREME MUMMIFICATION : Serious Bondage pays me an official visit, only this time they bring a genuine straitjacket. First I’m suspended, then I’m released and placed in a canvas sleep sack and hood struggling to get free.

POWER TOOLS : I’m thrown and then locked inside a wooden box. I’m then released, only to be tied onto a rough work bench. I’m dressed in full latex with my nipples clamped, mouth gagged, and power tools drilled deep inside me.

MODEL SEARCH : When I noticed a famous bondage producer was staying at our hotel, I knocked on his door and practically threw myself at his feet. I’ll do anything to be on a popular website, including getting tied, gagged, thrown around, and fucked. All this because I want to prove how much I love bondage. I hope it shows.
Ashley Renee in black pantyhose tied up on bedroom carpet

PASSED OUT COLD (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : A beautiful woman (Ashley Renee) decides she wants to get something sexy to wear for her hot date that tonight. She steps into her favorite lingerie shop to see if they have anything that tickles her fancy. The buxom store manager (Julie Simone) approaches & helps her eager customer pick out a few things to try on. After, trying on several sexy items, the beautiful lady decides on a crotchless fishnet bodystocking, but after seeing the $150 price tag, she struggles with her decision to purchase it. After some consideration, she decides to try & sneak out of the store with the fishnet bodystocking hidden under her clothes. But alas, the store manager is no fool & catches the sexy shoplifter in the act. Now, under normal circumstances, the manager would just call the police….but not this time. She’s a horny lady herself, & this naughty girl is just her type. So the manager decides she’s going to drag this beauty into the other room & exact her own kind of punishment. It begins with hand gagging and smothering poor Ashley till she passes out.
 Ashley Renee Free Previews

THE NURSE : Strapped, struggling and playing with myself until the kinky Dr.Ian Rath comes in , wraps my face tightly in vet wrap then turns the vibrator up to HIGH! I try to hold back my orgasms but it’s just impossible.I don’t have a choice. I have to give in to every intense orgasm !
 The Nurse video with Ian Rath and Ashley Renee

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