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Mar 5


Category: Ashley's Thoughts

BREATHLESS : Julie Simone hand gags and smothers me till I pass out!
 Ashley Renee in bodystockings tied up

911 : Officer Ashley tied in chains!!!

HOT MESS : Jim Weathers wants me all in PVC, stilettos, a single glove and a chin strap gag. Jim always gets what he wants !

9 1/2 WEEKS : Master ties me to the refrigerator , blindfolds me then force feeds me various food!

SEXUAL HEALING : I’m tied up tightly with rope while dressed in sexy lingerie. Then I’m vibed until I cum!

CORRUPTING DEAUXMA : Ashley corrupts Deauxma with her slutty ways, and love for bondage. She seduces her, ties her up, and shares a magic wand so they can both get off. After Deauxma is untied, she strips for Ashley, and commits to more play days together.

HOOKED : Tied and immobile with a steel hook inside in my ass!

DARK & MYSTERIOUS (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : I was a secretary working for one of the biggest international companies in the world, & I had recently been transferred to an oversees location to be the top executive assistant to the company’s CEO. My new boss was strange, dark & mysterious. He was extremely serious & his expression rarely changed. He kept odd hours & held quiet meetings with men of few words. One late evening, I returned to the office after dinner, as I had accidentally left my wallet at work, & I found myself in the wrong place at the wrong time. I witnessed something I should not have seen. When my boss saw me, he immediately sent one of his hench men to deal with me & make sure I was scared enough to never utter a word about what I had witnessed. The man pulled me into an office, hiked up my skirt, ripped open my blouse, & tied me down to a chair. He then pulled out his bag of goodies & removed a ring gag which he forced in my mouth. He violated me by roughly grabbing my tits & squeezing my nipples. Then he removed some Med-Tape from his bag & wrapped it around my head, tighter & tighter. He uttered only a few garbled words, warning me to keep my mouth shut or I would come to endure far, far worse. Then he left me there alone, for hours. Just as the sun began to break at dawn, on this Thursday morning, he entered, & without saying a word, he untied me & let me go. I went home, cleaned myself up, got dressed, & returned to work at 9 am. As far as I was concerned….I didn’t see anything.

BREAST TORTURE : The boss ties me to a chair, gags me then squishes my breasts in a horrible contraption. The breast breast is a tight vice that gradually closes in on my huge boobs ! I moan, writhe, struggle and drool when I feel the stringent squeeze !!

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