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Aug 11

Video Playroom update : Geek Squad, Precious Moment, Peek a Boo

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GEEK SQUAD : Ashley Renee gets called to help a customer with his computer problems, but when Ashley discovers all his poem she gets side tracked. Ashley can’t help but make herself cum. The customer walks in and is so furious, he ties her up and attaches a vibrator to the little nymph. Ashley breasts gets groped and squeezed. Ashley is left alone to suffer!

Ashley Renee tied on chair

PRECIOUS MOMENT : I’m vulnerable and tied with my arms over my head on Lorelei’s bed. She attaches a vibrator to my already soaking wet pussy, then teases me by adjusting the speeds. I wiggle and squirm to get off as I get more and more frustrated. Finally, she let’s me get off in my favorite position, tied with my legs spread wide!

Ashley Renee tied & vibed on bed

PEEK A BOO : Master knew how badly I wanted to slide into my new transparent purple latex, so he had me give him a private show. After I was done he tied me in one of my favorite hogtie positions. I was bound so tightly that I could barely struggle. My mouth was filled with my new head harness, and soon I was covered in my own drool. Master held tightly on to my rope and proceeded to tie my legs in a even more stringent position. My huge boobs couldn’t help but spill out of my tight catsuit and soon I was quite a sight to behold.

Ashley Renee hogtied in latex by Damon Pierce


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