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Apr 12

Video Playroom update : American Idol, Tie Me and Torment….

Category: Playroom Update

AMERICAN IDOL : I’m squeezed into a super tight, full length, gray latex hobble dress complete with black leather Gwen hood that covers everything except my eyes & nose. While standing atop shiny, black, spiked heels, I’m tied against a pole with red rope. My arms are forced together into a single leather sleeve behind me where my elbows are bound tightly to the pole, while a web of red rope runs the entire length of my body to ensure only limited mobility. I’m put on displayed and humiliated for everyone to see. Then I’m untied and carried to the floor with my arms still trapped behind me in the tight single sleeve. Damon Pierce enters & ties my bare feet together at the ankles before rolling me onto my stomach & pulling them up behind me to secure me in a hogtie by attaching them to a ring on the sleeve. He then leaves me there to struggle helplessly on the floor with the sound of my moaning muffled beneath the hood. I’m soaking wet, my heart is pounding and my cum can be seen thru my transparent latex hobble dress.

TIE ME : Julie Simone tells me to dress in a sexy bra, panties, and garter. She wants to tie me up, and watch me struggle. She loves the drool, and tight ropes press against my soft skin. I only want to please Miss Julie.

TORMENT : It’s time for Damon to play rough with me again, & he has chosen a most pleasurable way to torment me. He has me standing with my arms bound tightly behind me, wearing nothing but a crotchless fishnet bodystocking, a black leather belt, & a harness-ball-gag filling my wet mouth. First, he decides to torture my breasts by squeezing them hard in between a makeshift breast press of bamboo sticks. He squeezes them so hard, I feel as if I’ll faint. He then secures the breast rigging to the ceiling to ensure my willful compliance. Next, he brings in a vibrating wand that he presses hard against the clit of my exposed pussy, & secures it in place with the clips from the belt & a rope. I can feel my clit throbbing as the waves of vibration pulse against it, making my cunt grow wetter & wetter. Then Damon places tight clothes pins down the front of my body. First onto my hard nipples, down my abdomen, then onto my tender pussy lips, that are still being taunted by the pulsing device between them. Just when I think I can’t take any more, Damon grabs a flogger & begins to forcefully whip the clothes pins off my body. The pain hurts so much, but the vibrating wand still at work between my legs, has me so close to cumming.

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