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Feb 10

SET ME FREE ….. Happy Valentines !

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SET ME FREE : Boss Lady Alexis Taylor ties up her assistant to make her client happy but he wants more including the dreaded

LADY AND A GENTLEMAN : I’m dressed in latex and strapped into an elaborate suspention with steel toe boots, a vibrator and some forced orgasms… breast press!

DUTCH DAME : Update with one of my gorgeous friends!!

SLAVE DRIVER : One of my disgruntled employees doesn’t take well to being fired. Upon hearing the news, he carries me off to a dungeon. There he rips my clothes off, stripping me naked. Then he decides to humiliate me in every way possible, whipping my naked body before writing “SLUT” on my naked flesh just to break my will.

HEARTBREAK HOTEL : I decide to check into a hotel for Valentine’s Day to escape my sorrows. But to my deepest pleasure, the guy next door takes pity on me and comes over to help take my mind off my loneliness.

SCHOOL CRUSH : I’m Master’s personal bondage crush!

CONFORTABLY NUMB : Tied by Fetish Nation

MISTRESS ISABELLA AND I : I belong to Mistress!

RUBBER DOLLY (Part 1 + 2 )(Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : Miss Kitsch becomes so excited watching me grow sexually frustrated and impatient that she restrains me to the rubber wall. She plays with my rubber pussy while periodically squishing her beautiful rubber self against me. She knows I’m on heavy rubber and stringent gear, but she doesn’t care. This excites her more than anything. She pulls out a magic wand just to tease me with it. She’s so mean, she forces me to constantly reach for the wand, forcing me to play this perverted mind game of orgasm denial. Miss Kitsch leaves me hot and bothered while she walks over to a chair and uses the wand on herself! I’m inconsolable when she leaves me begging, whining and soaking in my own pussy juice.

 Rubber Folly Fetish latex video with Mrs Kitsch

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