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May 6

Super Ashley …

Category: Ashley's Thoughts

SUPER ASH : The villain captures Ash, knocks her out then suspends her before leaving her with a ticking bomb !

GOOD VIBRATIONS : Bound in a bra and panties, a Cleave gag then forced to cum over and over again with a vibrator !

CAPTIVE : I’m kidnapped and held hostage at a hidden location. I’m left bound, alone and helpless, hoping someone will rescue me. (A tribute to the old detective magazines of the 70’s.)

DAMSEL IN DISTRESS : Tied, struggling and vulnerable !

COVER UP : Dominated and thouroughly enjoying myself as Jean Bardot covers me in layers of latex !

GIRLS WILL BE GIRLS : Sasha Monet and I are tied to each other. We struggle and drool as we find solace in each others warm bodies. Our clothes are slowly cut off, leaving us naked and vulnerable. Sasha is eventually cut loose, and is ordered to tie me up again and fuck me with a strap on. She’s then told to suspend and penetrate me, until I’m exhausted, and can’t seem to hold on a minute longer. Sasha does an excellent job doing as she’s told!

CHESSMASTER : A burglar comes in to rob my place but when he starts to tie me up I actually enjoy it . I beg him to tie me up even more and actually give him step by step instructions on how to do it ! I beg him to make me cum and I’ll direct him straight to my safety deposit box.

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