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May 6


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I’ll be at DOMCON LA. This starting this Thursday May 8 through the 12. Please stop to say “hello”.

This is my first public fetish appearance and I’m extremely nervous. I need all the love I can get!

I also have super hot new high hdefinition videos in my site right now :)

Please go to take a look at for my new and archive videos and for more of the same.

However, the best value is to join my site with over 60 new and archives videos !!

That’s my heart and soul right htere!

I hope to see you inside !

xoxo Ashley

SWEET ASHLEY : I was just aimlessly wondering around when I was captured and tied tightly to a tree in the great outdoors, where there wasn’t a soul around.

BREAKFAST AT ASHLEY’S (New 13 min. HD video inside) : Carissa is the head maid in charge of Ashley’s incompetence. Carissa enforces her Master’s strict cleaning orders but Ashley would rather goof off and play brat! Carissa disciplines Ashley and before you know it their owner comes home early and makes them both cum for him. Ashley is all handcuffed up including her breasts making cumming easy..

ABDUCTED : Held captive and stripped of my identity. Saico takes me out only on occasion to be tied and abused !

STRETCHED : I’m naked, stretched, duct taped and vibed, leaving poor little me sweaty and worn out!

JUNK IN THE TRUNK : I’m abducted, stripped, tied up and thrown into, and locked in a trunk.

DEEP PURPLE : Ikaras Jones ties me up in a beautiful corset, full fashioned stockings, gloves, and adds harsh clover clamps, just to watch me struggle!

I EAT CANNIBALS : I have a fetish for cooking up beautiful women!

FOOT FACTORY : Nude, untied, and showing off my other skills!

SECRETARY REVENGE (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : Ashley confronts Carissa Montgomery when she’s unhappy at work. She ties Carissa and rests her sexy stocking feet on Ashley’s nylons. Ashley tickles Carissa’s feet till she’s exhausted and out of breath ! Ashley isn’t finished when the boss arrives, strips them both down and ties the two struggling secretaries together !

PLUGGED (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : Damon Pierce orders me to show up at his place wearing a latex maid outfit, fishnet stockings and a huge butt plug. When I arrive, he throws me to the ground, ties me tightly, exposes the butt plug, then torments me with various implements. He finishes me off by tying me down so tightly I can’t move, and pulls out a vibrator, only to deny me pleasure. He continues on, for as long as I take it, and then finally allows me to cum!

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