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Mar 22


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That's right !
I started doing sub sessions at Sanctuary lax. If you'd like to play with me personally please email me at

I have such a great time that I extended my visit ...

Also , I have new and archive videos at my token site and http://Clips4sale/2541 has over 60  high definition new and archived video as well including weekly photos, archives, fetish set , favorites , artwork and interviews !

I hope to see you at Sanctuary and inside my site !


MAID FOR ANAL : Damon Pierce didn’t think my service was up to my usual standards so… He shoves a steel anal plug up my ass, ties me in tight Shibari, gags me so he can’t hear me complain then takes a vibrator and forces me to cum. Afterwards he cuffs my wrists and makes me play with my own ass !

NASTY GIRLS : Taylor St.Clair ties me up and uses me as her submissive sex slave …

CUM FOR ME : I love when people watch me cum. I pull out my favorite vibrator and can’t stop myself. I finally beg to be tied up just to feel the frustration. I’m literally out of control… Afterwards, I can’t help but cum again !

ON DISPLAY : This is what happens when you’re a naughty girl. You’re humiliated, put on display and sold to the highest bidder!

DETECTIVE CHRONICLES : Captured and kept naked in a closet in nothing but cold chains, assorted gags and different positions. Begging for release on a daily basis… My captor has no mercy !

LEATHER BOUND : Mistress knows how much I love leather and today I craved to be punished! She ties me to a bondage chair, gags my big mouth so I can only whimper, she clamps my nipples tightly and finishes my reward with a leather hood for some sensory deprivation!

BEHIND THE SCENES : With Ashley, House of Gord , Carissa Montgomery and Kiki Daire :)

AMBUSH : I’m attacked out of nowhere. Tied in a dirty old shed, threatened something fierce then thrown on the floor fucked and finished off with a vibrator.

STEAMPUNK (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : Madame Ashley, a lady of mystery and reputed double agent, has agreed to an intimate meeting with Colonel Everhard Jackman. She intends to seduce the Colonel and obtain his secrets, so she agrees to be bound by him as foreplay. But once she’s tied up and ballgagged, Jackman turns his luscious prisoner over to a Sylvanian secret agent. Kiki Daire uses a powerful vibrator to interrogate Madame Ashley, and the busty beauty experiences a shuddering orgasm. Yet the sultry seductress refuses to surrender any of her secrets. Not only that, Ashley’s confederate grabs the unwary spy and takes her prisoner. Agent Daire is stripped down, bound to the bed and cleavegagged. With the tables turned, Madam Ashley uses Kiki’s own insidious vibrator on her, and the curvy spy quicky has a wild, helpless orgasm. But before Agent Daire divulges any of her own secrets, Madame Ashley is surprised and grabbed by the returning Colonel Jackman! The wicked Colonel has doublecrossed his busty partner, and both ladies are chairtied by the villain. He uses a fiendishly dangerous type of ballgag to silence his captives! How will these rival spies be able to escape from this perilous situation?

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