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Mar 7

Sessions at SanctuaryLAX !

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I am now doing a few sub sessions at SanctuaryLAX . I think it would be a wonderful way to get to meet and play with all my members.
Please email me at if you are interested in playing live one on one :)

Don't forget I have a video archive store


Cum inside and play with me !


COWBOYS AND INDIANS : Pornstar Kiki Daire and I are tied, teased and stripped together like rivals should.

I LOVE BONDAGE : I just want to be tied good, hard and tight...I even begged for it last night. I did such a great job of pleading I got tied tight and then played with all night long !

HEAVY METAL : All geared up in a helmet, spreader bar, dildo, and anything else JG leathers sees fit.

MILFS : JJ Plush always wanted to tie me up when our husbands weren't she gets her chance !

SUPER POWERS : Daisy Chain (Stacy Burke) knows better than to pick a fight with me. Only this time I wasn't quite myself. I get overpowered, knocked out, tied, tickled, clipped and vibrated...Daisy is so proud of herself !

DOUBLE DIPPING : Viking has me bent over in a very tough position, my breasts are tied as I scream in pain then he pulls out 2 dildos to fuck me me with...

I LOVE BONDAGE : Ashley knows the location of the people who ripped him off. So he goes to her place and grabs her. After making her give him the information he wants, he tells Ashley that she is coming with him. But Ashley explains that if she is seen with him, the bad guys will know she is the one who gave them up. She tells the guy that it would be better if he left her tied up and gagged. This way, she would be here waiting for him when he returned. Knowing Ashley well, the man knows that being tied up is a huge turn on for her. So he ties her up with rope, stuffs her mouth with her panties and tapes her up to gag her. Ashley is immediately turned on and she moans loud through the gag. She tries to rub herself against the man as checks the ropes. It is very obvious to him that she wants him to play with her. So having a little extra time, he pulls her skirt down, pulls her big tits out of her bra and bends her over a chair. Ashley's moans get even louder as she realizes that all he has to do now is pull her panties off to the side. The video then ends with the man ready to leave and Ashley very content. She cannot wait for him to come back and since she is now hogtied, she knows that she isn't going away. No matter what happens later, Ashley does not feel an ounce of guilt. After all she is tied helpless and there is nothing she can to resist.

CHOKE BITCH : I'm waiting around like a good slave but Julie Simone isn't pleased with anything today including me. She grabs me, throws me onto the bondage table and shoves her fist down my throat. She straps me good and tight then ties me with tight rope in a partial suspension. She pulls out a huge black cock and makes me suck it whole. She grabs a vibrator and makes me cum for get over and over again. Julie wants it all and she isn't happy unless I'm performing at maximum potential. This session isn't for the weak at heart... Julie is brutal !

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