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Jan 7


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Happy New Year !!
If you aren’t a fan of recurring memberships then I strongly advise to take a peek at my token site or my clips store
Personally, I think my website has the best value ever… For a low price you get over 60 videos,  photo sets,  archives,  artwork & personal diaries…updated weekly.
How can you turn that down ?
I also wanted to let everyone now I’ll be doing sub sessions at Sanctuary LAX at the end of this month.
If you’d like to meet and play in person…now’s your chance…
You can contact me at
I’m so excited for the opportunity to meet my fans on a personal basis.

RANSACKED : A robber (Dominic Wolf) breaks into my home, roughs me up a bit then forces me give him all my precious jewelry. I beg him not to hurt me and but tie me up instead. He gladly takes my advice and ties me up so tight I can barely move. My mouth is stuffed full and my head is wrapped so tight I nearly choke. Before long he makes off with the goods and leaves me to struggle all alone (14min hi-def movie inside).

ROOM SERVICE : When I check to see how the hotel guest are doing, I get grapped and held against my will! Steve Villa ties me up in two different postions, stuffs my mouth with dirty panties…then ties me spread eagle on the bed and fucks me hard !

COPS AND ROBBERS : I rush over when I get a urgent 911 call… only to find the burglar has a few tricks up her sleeve. She handcuffs me, menaces me a bit then makes off with all the stolen goods. I don’t give up as I hobble to a phone to call for help.

ICE COLD : Severe torture and breast bondage all while I’m standing bare foot on a block of ice !

PUSS AND BOOTS : A little foreplay before I’m tied in a partial suspension in beautiful pvc and thigh high boots !

ASHLEY UNTIED : Because I can’t always be bound :P

SPY WHO LOVED ME : Alexis Taylor is a dangerous spy. She knocks me out, ties me up and forces me to get naked until she’s caught and blackmailed by her partner. He makes her strip, ties us together, blindfolds and gags us both !

RANSACKED (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : Dominic Wolf breaks into my home while I’m busy cleaning I’m grabbed and roughed up a bit and told to give him my finest jewelry. As I make my way upstairs I suddenly remember a movie I had seen.I beg him not to hurt me instead tie me up and take whatever he wants. He likes my advice, ties me up so tight I can’t move at all. He stuffs my mouth with a pair of full bottom panties and wraps it tightly. I nearly choke on my own saliva but that doesn’t seem to bother him. He takes off with all my jewelry and tells me this was quite fun since all he really planned to do was lock me in a closet. I was so angry I struggle furiously only to get nowhere.

AGAINST HER WILL : Steve Villa shoves me into an abandon house. He ties me in my tight jeans and shirt then makes sexual advances towards me. He becomes furious when I won’t give in and stuffs my mouth with another woman’s full panties so tightly I nearly choke. To make matters worse, he gets a knock on the door. I scream and yell through my gag trying desperately to get the other persons attention. I can literally see her through the window! Despite all my efforts she doesn’t hear my desperate moans. Steve is so frustrated at this point, he pulls my jeans down, exposes my breast and roughs me up… only to leave me struggling and vulnerable on the floor with no way out :( Help !!


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