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Dec 28

Sound The Alarm – Merry Xmas !

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SOUND THE ALARM : The police office isn’t happy when I set the alarm off for the 4th time during Xmas vacation. He punishes me by tying me up, spanking my ass, roughing me up a bit and packaging me up for Xmas.

DOUBLE THE PLEASURE : Tanya Danielle and I always had a crush on each other. This time we were determined to do something about it. We start out with some g/g fun then Tanya pulls out the flogger and rope :-) Guess what happens next ?

LEATHER WORKS : Leather boots, belt, straps then taped and left to Wallow in my own sexuality…

SCHOOL SLUT : I knew Vivian Ireene Pierce was a slut. Especially when I caught her masturbating… She tries to deny it then has nerve to pick a fight and gets exactly what she deserves…until the principal catches me and gives up both something to be ashamed about…

SANTA BABY : Guy Di silva wanted me for Christmas just so he could abuse the Hell outta me! Yikes…

STRAIGHT UP : Ashley is in for it when Mina Meow gets a hold of her !

EMILY MARILYN AND ME : You know the saying… girls that play together… :-)

USE ME : When Steve Villa checks into the hotel I’m a manager of I decide to see if the hotel accommodations meet his standards but when I knock on his door I notice a bunch of rope. He tells me he’s a bondage producer so I beg him to tie me up and use me on his site! I always wanted to get tied up tightly with my mouth filled and wrapped… I plead…Steve gives in, ties me up but is worried I might be missed. I guarantee that no one will notice to make sure he makes a lasting impression he pulls my pantyhose down, my skirt up and fucks me hard and rough. This is the best experience I ever had and Steve agreed I have exactly what it takes to make a great bondage model and besides I loved every minute of it !

FIGHT OF MY LIFE (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : Saico loves to watch me squirm in a beautiful girdle and bullet bra. He ties me up slowly using lots of rope. Then he watches me try to escape. When I fail miserably he comes back to torment me a bit and threatens to leave me there if I try that again. I don’t believe him so when he walks away I continue, only to have him tie me up even more! I’m bound with so much rope I become completely immobile… I guess this is what he wanted because he comes back with a camera just to blackmail me… I put up the fight of a lifetime.

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