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Dec 28

Room Service – Steve Villa is back

Category: Ashley's Thoughts

ROOM SERVICE : When I check to see how the hotel guest are doing, I get grapped and held against my will! Steve Villa ties me up in two different postions, stuffs my mouth with dirty panties…then ties me spread eagle on the bed and fucks me hard !

FUCK MY ASS : and that’s exactly what I get but it’s not usually when I’m tied, gagged and in latex with beautiful January Seraph!

WRAPPED : Wrapped tightly… fondled and choked in saran wrap !

SCREWED : Getting fucked in shiny pvc and boots at varies speeds.

EAT ME : Rope artist Emma Hui ties my bestfriend (pornstar Jacklyn Lick) and I naked together and forces me tightly into Jackie’s pussy. Emma forces me to lick Jackie clean…

BEHIND THE SCENES : Candid Ashley moments.

AGAINST HER WILL : Steve Villa shoves me into an abandon house. He ties me in my tight jeans and shirt then makes sexual advances towards me. He becomes furious when I won’t give in and stuffs my mouth with another woman’s full panties so tightly I nearly choke. To make matters worse, he gets a knock on the door. I scream and yell through my gag trying desperately to get the other persons attention. I can literally see her through the window! Despite all my efforts she doesn’t hear my desperate moans. Steve is so frustrated at this point, he pulls my jeans down, exposes my breast and roughs me up… only to leave me struggling and vulnerable on the floor with no way out :( Help !!

MISTRESS VIVIAN : When the Mistress of the house decides I didn’t make her an adequate Martini she takes me over her knee only to discover I have no panties on! This makes her even angrier! She orders me to grab some rope and she ties me with my arms over my head and tickles me till I can’t take anymore! She has me laughing, begging and sweating from exhaustion!

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