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Nov 27

Butt Blaster !

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BUTT BLASTER (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) Gord woke me up early in the morning and told me to get into the red pvc catsuit and hood he had laying on the table afterwards I’d read further instructions. I squeezed myself into the catsuit and hood walked downstairs and outside like the note had said. He put handcuffs on my ankles attached me to his butt walker, fastened my elbows behind…Gord stuck a steel hook in my ass and bells on my nipples. He turned on the walker and controlled me from fast to slow and everything in between… taking turns with cropping my hooked ass and spankings before, during and after the dreaded ordeal.

PLAYING WITH MISTRESS GEMINI : I was nervous meeting Mistress Gemini, my body shook in anticipation. Mistress opened the door and immediately asked me to change into my favorite lastex body suit. She tied my breast tightly then continied with my body. She made me show her my ass and stick it out as far as I could so she could, spank, flog and crop me till I was glowing a bright red. Afterwards she made me crawl into the tub where she had me change. She got into the bath.

VIOLATED : by my boss when he walks in on me masturbating !

TOUCH MYSELF : I felt like cumming on my office break, so I locked myself into the bathroom, took out my handcuffs and gag and started playing myself…till I get caught and tied to the toilet and spanked like the bad girl I am…

BOOT LOVER : I love boots…can you tell ?

HOOKED : Viking ties me in gorgeous, shiny latex with a huge ass hook… just in time for Thanksgiving !

TWO TIMER : Sexy in black lingerie… I’m tied in various positions with two different gags and forced to cum with a strong vibrator !

LADY AND THE TRAMP : Sadie Belle uses me as she fits…

TIGHT FIT : Jim Weathers ties me in a gorgeous strict strappado with a corset that’s almost as tight.

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