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Sep 4

BAGGAGE CLAIM …. House of Gord …

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BAGGAGE CLAIM : Arriving at Gords is no laughing matter, especially when you’re in a tight catsuit, hood and ballet boots tied and suspended as a piece of carry on baggage,…then cuffed and motoring to Gords crazy 75 mph ventures.

BOSS LADY : When I fire Odette for not dressing appropriate for work the boss gets annoyed and ties us both up.

THE EVICTION : I wasn’t prepared for what was about to happen. All I did was deliver a simple eviction notice. But then, I’m attacked from behind, handcuffed and gagged. I’m tied on the hard, cold floor. My uniform is pulled up to expose my nude pantyhose. I struggle relentlessly. My attacker shows no mercy as he picks me up again and ties me to a bondage horse. Then he locks the handcuffs tightly around my swollen breasts and continues the torment.

MANHANDLED : Tied, groped, vibed and abused !

IN THE CLOSET : Kept naked ,collared, bound and gagged secretly in the closet…

DARK SECRETS : Attacked and tied up when I arrived home from the office…

FOOT FETISH : Rachel Paine loves feet in very way, shape and form…as you can see :-)

BRAT (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : When I agreed to let my cousin Odette stay with me over the summer I didn’t realize what a huge attitude she had recently developed ! I reprimanded her for having parties while I was away and not picking up after herself but all she did was smart ass me. Before I knew what happened the little brat pounced on top of me, tied and gagged me and threatened to leave me that way. An unexpected visitor arrived at my house and tied Odette next to me…Now we were both in the same predicament only this time the visitor pulled up our shirts and pulled down our pants to make sure we both felt the exact humiliation and shame…

LATEX DREAM : Dalton controls my orgasms by giving them and taking them away. He finally leaves me alone in the dungeon with the video running so I can watch myself get tortured He he puts me in a latex hood for one of his favorite games of breath control


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