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Aug 21

Working with Odette and Gord …

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REBEL YELL : I told my Aunt that I’d let Odette Delacroix stay with me for a week but when she takes advantage of my good nature and destroys my house having unexpected parties, I give her a talking to. Before I know it the little brat picks a fight, ties me up and threatens to leave me there when one of her friends walk in and does the same to her.

BOSS LADY : When I fire Odette for not dressing appropriate for work the boss gets annoyed and ties us both up.

DON’T DROP THE BALL : Jim Martin ties me in ballet shoes a single glove and tight rope…then puts a ball in my mouth and makes me cum for him.

TWO TIMER : Ariella Ferrera and I get kidnapped, forced to dress alike in matching pvc outfits then abused and fucked.

VOYEUR : Attacked, tied, gagged and penetrated when I went to use a public restroom !

GORD’S WILD RIDE (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) : Gord isn’t easy on me especially when it takes 3 years to get me up to his place. First he frog ties me in metal cuffs to the front of the truck, but when that isn’t humiliating enough he hogties me on my knees and drives the truck over 75 mph just to scare the heck out of me. When it’s all over he takes me inside to show me his studio, places me on a turning stand and it wraps me tightly in Saran he puts me in the middle of the floor but I have to stay very still or I’ll fall over…then he suspends me, and lowers me into the basement down below..I’m scared out of my mind ! I’m never coming back here again !!.

BRAWLING SECRETARIES  : Alexis Taylor wants a promotion but when she finds out I got it first she fights me for the position. Alexis ties me up,taunts and teases every part of me then leaves me in the dirty office floor. I struggle and moan desperately and soon the phone rings. I inch over and try to knock the phone over so I can yell for help…but do I make it ?

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