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May 20

Update from May 09

Category: Ashley's Thoughts

LOADED : Lorelei ties my tightly in a Barberella inspired photo set :)

KIDNAPPED : Grabbed, thrown outside, tied , gagged and clothes shred to pieces!

HAY FEVER : Alexis Taylor makes me wash her truck when she catches me out joyriding without her permission. When I’m done she ties me spread eagle in the back with no panties and drives me around open and vulnerable for the town to see!

RAMPAGE : My ex boyfriend can’t control his anger… He barges in my house, rips my clothes, ties a rubber mask around my face then pulls out a dick on a stick to fuck me with it. When he’s all done I’m tied immobile leaving me vulnerable and helpless.

SEDUCED : I’m tied, gagged , penetrated and forced to endure all kinds of sexual acts, when a stranger hears me alone cumming in my hotel room

DRUG ENFORCEMENT OFFICER : (Presented in Special 1280 x 720 HD) I busted in a home when I received a tip there was a drug deal about to take place unfortunately all I found was the dealers sleezy girlfriend (Caressa Montgomery). I handcuffed her but was rudely interruped when her boyfriend came home early. He tied us both up and made me listen and watch as Carissa was forced to cum with a vibrator tied to her pussy ! We worth both helpless and vulnerable waiting to get rescued!


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