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Mar 8


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So sorry it took so long to update my blog. I’ve been busy trying to catch up on my great new content. I worked with Donsir, Steve Villa, Serious Bondage, American Damsels, and I still have upcoming work with January Seraph, Damon Pierce, Emily Marilyn and Kiki Dare

to look forward to. As you can imagine I’ve been having a blast!

A few weeks ago Damion Pierce tied me tightly, then penetrated me in a sexy maids outfit.

Afterward, he hogtied me, wearing only my panties, with wicked leather

strips. My mouth was stuffed and wrapped, and the experience left me speechless.

Then I had a great opportunity to work with Claire Adams and ChopperDave. I loved his angles, very edgy.

I have some amazing new videos up as well. JJ completely encased me in pantyhose with duct tape, and then teased me the entire time.

Also, there’s a straitjacket and full suspension set that leads up to a full body mummification in a very unique straitjacket/body-bag and hood. The

experience was both amazing and terrifying!

This month I have so many new things in the works. I’m shooting with Emily Marilyn, FTKL (tickling videos), January Seraph of Femdom, Sandra Silvers of Damsel in Distress, Serious Bondage, and so much more…. So cum inside and play with me!

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