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Jan 30

Keeping Busy…..

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The only thing in my life that keeps me truly centered is playing at work. It allows me to de-stress and just be in the moment. For that day, I don’t have to think about issues I am unable to resolve. I can escape everything that holds me prisoner in my mind. I look forward to my days where I can just feel a pure acceptance, and those days are the best of my life!

I’ve been so fortunate this month. My good friend Damion Pierce moved back to LA. We had our first “reunion” shoot and everything went as it did in the good old days! I was truly happy. We managed to shoot 4 killer photo sets and 3 videos, which is an amazing accomplishment these days.

I also shot with my good friend Julie Simone. She’s a woman whom I also admire and respect. When we play together I don’t need to say a word, because she knows me so well. However, she does push my limits constantly. :-) I can feel the passion when I look through my photos, and I can feel it in my videos. We forget the world around us and play as if we were the only two people in existence.

I don’t need to express how I feel about JJ Plush. You can feel our connection in the movie we just shot (available on my website.)

I could hardly wait to get off work to go visit my Mistress for a play session. When I arrived, I was immediately handcuffed then gagged. Mistress talked dirty to me, then tied me up and put a pair of tight clamps on my breasts. She then felt I needed more, so she finished me off with a tight ball-tie and a spandex hood.

I hope you enjoy the new content. I am considering raising my prices soon, so I hope you join now to take full advantage of the current rates before they go up!

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Tomorrow, Sybil Hawthorne and Blackula are on the calender. :-) I’m one lucky sub!

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