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Oct 21


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Last week Randy Moore, Mika Tan, Jordan and I had a little pie throwing fiesta! It was tons of fun, but to be honest, I smelled like a cupcake for days, and I think that was when my nausea started. I was literally drenched in lemon meringue pie and whipped cream for 5 hours! I had to take 3 showers, plus blow dry my hair and reapply make up each time.. Talk about draining!! Things are intense when I feel uncomfortable, all because bondage wasn’t involved. I want to do a tied up messy video. :-) I think I’d like that a tiny bit more, even though this was a blast. It was quite an experience, and one I’m not likely to forget soon. :-P I think I’m going to put a few clips up on my site, just in case anyone is interested in super messy fun without ropes…

Plus, I finally have my new preview updates on line if you click here.

Other than that, I had something quite unexpected happen over the weekend. I was with a friend, and don’t ask me why, but we decided to go to the Animal shelter next door. Why I walked in, I’ll never know. The sight of all those animals made me sick to my stomach. I wanted to take them all home, but how? I don’t even have a permanent place myself. Well, as I was leaving, hesitantly I might add, I saw a black, long haired, baby Chihuahua. She was so adorable. Most people over looked her because she had a very infected cherry eye, but not me. I could see right past that. She’s 6 months old and the most adorable 4 pounds of love you could ever imagine! She had no idea she was doomed, and that that would be her last day on earth. She wasn’t whining or crying, she was just bouncing around in her cage unaware of her fate. Luckily for me, they were doing a promotion that week. You got to spin a wheel to see if you could take a pup home for little to no money, and I just had to try! I had to play and you weren’t allowed unless you wanted to take home the puppy of your dreams. OMG, why did I do that? Well I spun the wheel, and guess what….? I got her for a measly $20. How could I pass that up? Well I couldn’t and wouldn’t. What’s 20 dollars when you can save a life? So, I called the vet first thing, thinking it would probably be a few hundred dollars to fix her eye….but no. The vet said it would cost $1000 to fix it! I nearly died. It’s so infected, it has to be done, and it’s covering almost half an eye. Well I played the sympathy card for both of us, Sundaes and mine, and guess what…..? (Continued in my personal diary at learn Sundaes fate.)

Hahaha, tricked ya! Now you’ll have to join to find out the outcome. Just think, Sundae is depending on you. :-P

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Oh yeah… I hope you like the update this week, “Tied Superheroines.” Stacy Burke and I are hard to pass up in pantyhose….I hope. :-P

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