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Aug 11


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Yes, you heard it right! I’m going to give in and go all out with high definition videos. I finally threw my hands up and realized I’ll have to follow the crowd. I hope all this initial trouble is appreciated since it’s thrown my editor in a tailspin trying to make everything compatible. I don’t think either of us have any hair left on our heads. :-(


I basically thought the video this week was worth going through all this trouble. It’s a very interactive, intense BDSM video! I guess you’ll have to see the preview to know what I’m talking about.


I also had the opportunity to work with Sandra Silvers. We were grabbed, tied and struggling together, when this stranger decides to take all he wants from us and leave the house. Sandra was able to untie me so that I got up and got help, half-tied of course!

(The video will be available in HD in a few weeks)


I had the chance of a lifetime when my friend and porn legend, Kelly Nichols said she wanted to start shooting bondage again. I couldn’t have been happier. The last time we shot together, it was a very popular HOM video called, “Jane Bondage.” It was a huge success, and I attribute most of that to Kelly. The amazing thing is MILFS are a really big thing now, which of course makes me happy. No matter how old you are, as long as you look good, you’re in the MILF category.  Imagine how excited I was that Jon Woods wanted to shoot us. First we shot a Detective set and video.


Then we shot a cop vs. burglar photo set and video. I know I probably out stayed my welcome since I shoot cop scenarios all the time. I can’t help it! I have this thing for police officers. They’re powerful and sexy. What submissive girl wouldn’t go crazy over that?

I also shot pictures and photos with Serious Bondage. Dalton pulled out one of his leather straitjackets and asked me to get into it.

I was a willing victim. He chained and cuffed my legs, then suspended me while I wiggled and writhed. Then he pulled out a leather hood. I confess, at first I was filled with anxiety when I saw a hood. It takes a lot of trust in another for me to wear one, but I definitely trust Dalton, so despite my fear, I got through the wild ride. : -)


Sarah Blake and I are held hostage in a cage. Then we’re taken out, tied up and forced to cum when a vibrator is shared between the two of us. We both get blindfolded in the end, and are let lose to cum together.


I have an archive up with the gorgeous Darla Crane and I in sexy pvc, which you don’t want to miss.


Well, I’m extremely excited to hear how everyone likes the HD video, and wanted to remind everyone that has been updated with 3 new videos for everyone that prefers pay-per-view! Plus my clips for sale site is updated daily at with both new, and archive video. If you ask me though, I’d rather you join my site! My heart and soul is poured into it on a daily basis!




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