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Jun 16


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YES!!! I was so excited to play with Rubber Bondage and Serious Bondage again! The latex, leather and gear is phenomenal. I hardly knew what to say as I walked through the dungeon in awe of all the goodies. This week I was laced into a leather sleep sack, suspended and gagged all while a leather hood covered most of my face. I felt so warm, cozy and secure, like I was in a cocoon, just hanging there. Dalton gave my ass a few slaps before tucking in the ‘magic wand’. With that, I was cumming to my hearts content as I swayed in my sack. We captured these moments in a 15 minute video!

I also relived my younger years as a pro cheerleader in my next new set! It really brought back memories….only I didn’t remember the capturing part. That was the only thing missing then, so I had to add that missing piece when I shot this set.

Inside, I have a forum debate about if members would like to see more videos, or stills? Luckily for me, I do both. However, I’m a ‘photo girl’ through and through. I love the creativity and being able to capture a moment in time. It’s just fascinating! I feel as though it can reveal so much.

This week I almost changed my mind in favor of videos because Amber Michaels and I truly had quite a connection. Especially when she started a cat-fight with me. She tied me to a chair, clamped my nipples and stole my petty cash. Then she walked off exposing herself. The video is magnificent.

I never act or fake whenever I’m playing, I simply react naturally to the situation in which I am able to wallow. Lucky me!

I also have Part 2 of “The Cat-burglar”, video with me, Steve Villa and JJ Plush! The dynamic trio! :-)

I just want to remind everyone that I have a special going on this week. Inside, I have new photo sets, archives, interviews, moments ‘behind the scenes’, artwork, a forum with interaction from members, and a personal diary. Cum inside and see what your missing..



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