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May 3


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….The past couple weeks were indeed that. Check me out ‘behind the scenes’ with “Serious Bondage” in a once in a lifetime experience with “The Creature”.

LIP LOCKED -JJ Plush and I are tied in a strict strappado face to face, and breast to breast. Then we’re forced to share the same gag in a unique, double girl lip lock!

Girls kiss

HAREM – I’m adorned in a sexy black harem girl costume. Then Lorelei ties me topless and barefoot in a progressive, and extremely tough position, with my elbows pulled completely together, a purple ball-gag shoved in my mouth, and tight breast bondage. I’m bound so tightly I can barely move at all!

Bound belly Dancer

ONCE IN A LIFETIME – (behind the scenes, plus full set and video) – Everyone in the BDSM community is very well acquainted with JG Leathers and his fabulous “CREATURE”. JG has spent years perfecting his perfect creation. At first, I must admit, I was very fearful, almost wanting to run away. The creature was intimidating (to say the least.) Besides that, it meant I had to face my fear of electricity, with which it is controlled. At first, I’m all harnessed up with a dildo securely in place. My bra has built in metal suction cups and electrodes. My hands are placed in mitts, and I’m attached to bungees for movable suspension. Lastly, I’m gagged, and several different masks are placed over my head for some breath control. I’m slowly breathing through water, gasping for air while suspended, with an electrical serge running throughout my body. Once I did it, I didn’t want to be let loose. It’s an addiction for sure!

JG leather's creature

BREAKFAST WITH ASHLEY – This is how breakfast is served at my house. I’m forced to scramble eggs with my hands tied behind my back. When breakfast is served, I’m tied on a chair with my breasts and pussy exposed. :-)

Ashley's breakfast

THE BOMB – I was caught completely off guard when my boss requested that I start to search through this massive amount of files. When he decided that I wasn’t expediting the search quickly enough, he tied me up on the floor and threatened me with a bomb. I was scared to death, trying desperately to get loose, screaming for help!

secretary in distress

CHAINED HEAT – Latex gets me all fired up, especially when you add a partial suspension, a cock to suck on, chains and restraints!! My torment here was both painful and pleasurable. ;)

suspended in latex

BACKSTAGE – Catch our ‘behind the scenes’ moments with some fun bloopers, and a taste of who we really are off camera. :-)

Backstage photo

Plus 2 Bondage Videos…

HEAVY RUBBER – I’m adorned in black thigh high latex boots, and a long sleeve latex leotard that covers all but my ample cleavage and eyes. My master makes me crawl on all fours to the scaffold-like high chair I will be stationed at. He binds me to it. Arms apart, legs spread wide, so he can have easy access to my tits and pussy. He clips my breasts, and then even clips all of my fingers. Then he decides that he wants to watch me cum. So he forcefully pleasures me to climax with a very special toy, that literally sucks the orgasm right out of you.

heavy rubber video preview

ROPED ORGASMS – Damon Pierce and Claire Adams knew I needed a night to get away, so they invited me over to their place for dinner. However, instead of being sociable, I became completely preoccupied with the array of BDSM books they had in their library. This so distracted me, that all I wanted to do was read and masturbate. It even gave me ideas for my next diary entry. Once lost in my own fantasies, I completely forgot Claire and Damon were waiting for me. They soon came looking for me, and were not pleased that dinner had gotten cold. Damon threw me on the floor and tied me to the convenient hooks he had planted. He pulled my shirt up, yanked my pants down, and they both double teamed me, giving me some of the best forced orgasms I’ve ever had. What made it even more exciting, is that I couldn’t see because they had placed ropes over my eyes. I was in sheer heaven. After it was over, Damon threw my journal on my chest and reminded me to include that. :-)

Roped orgasm video  montage

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  1. redlightgypsy May 6th, 2011 7:54 am

    fantastic updates this time, specially enjoyed the harem set and the creature!!!

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