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Feb 24


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When I have a chance to get up, drive to my close friend’s house, have them force me to strip, then tie me up, duct tape my mouth, and force me to orgasm…..I say, ALL IS WELL in my world!!
Ashley Renee

When you get a chance to dress up as a Superheroine (something you’ve only dreamt about) ready to conquer the bad guys then get tied up, suspended, and eventually, saved….I think life can’t get an better.
Ashley Renee

WELCOME TO MY WORLD. A place where there are no rules, no boundaries, no judgements, and everyone is able to have their fantasies come true. It’s an open forum, where you can talk and discuss anything, anonymously if you prefer. :-) A personal diary from my heart and soul. Not something made up or written by another. My deepest, darkest secrets, and a true life story. Join Ikarus Jones as he ties me up in wicked high heels, sexy g-string lingerie and opera gloves.
Ashley Renee

See me switch it up, as a dental assistant following Dr.’s orders, as I seduce Eden Wells in the dental chair, and have my way while she’s tied up in clear dental tubing. THIS IS REAL.
Ashley Renee & Eden Wells

An amazing interview that takes place while I struggle tied up. JJ Plush and I converse, opening up our hearts and souls, revealing intimate secrets while involved in an intense bondage session.
Ashley Renee & JJ Plush

My very first session with Jim Hunter is all caught on tape. He puts me in a strappado, wraps my breasts in the tightest breast bondage ever, then roughs me up a bit. We shot 4 videos the first day we met face to face. :-)
Ashley Renee & Jim hunter

Another cat-burglar video, with me creeping into my neighbors house. Steve Villa catches me, tapes me up, stuffs and wraps my face, rips off my dress, and pulls my pantyhose down.
Ashley Renee & Steve Villla

I’ve had some dramatic videos and sets these last few weeks. I’m able to live out my deepest, darkest secrets. Come join me, and see what life is really about. :-) Or if you prefer, I also have my token site, where you pay for exactly what you want, at There’s also my clips store, at But remember, the best kept secrets lie in My soul, my secrets, archives, new videos and photo sets, live chats, and peeks ‘behind the scenes’. I have over 70 new (and some archive) videos inside for the price of a pizza and a beer. Come on in. There’s always a damsel in need!!

Hope to see you inside

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