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Feb 11

BONUS UPDATE – JJ Plush, Steve Villa American Damsels –

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What’s better than having updates with JJ Plush, Steve Villa, American Damsels, and my newest addition, Jim Hunter? I’m not sure of the answer, but when you know, let me know because I think this is my best update to date. However, I also have new videos in Ashley’s Playroom as well. :-)

TIGHT PACKAGE – JJ invites me over to her hotel room, and she can’t help but jump at the chance to tie me up tightly in rope. Wrapping twine around my huge breasts, she stuffs my mouth full with her panties, then wraps my head tightly! She’s so proud of herself, and her ropework as I struggle, so helpless and vulnerable.

Ashley Renee & JJ Plush

HOME INVADED – I’m in a very big rush and expecting a package. There’s a knock on my door. “Where is my package, and where do I sign”, I ask. The man grabs me, and I soon realize that this isn’t the delivery man! He starts taping my body while I desperately try to fight him off. The man quickly overpowers me. To stop my protests, the man stuffs my mouth full and wraps tape around my face, and over my mouth to shut me up. He then goes off to ransack the place. I try hard to inch my way toward the door. Suddenly the phone rings, which makes me redirect my attention that way. I try to reach it, but the man returns and sees what I’m trying to do. He grabs me and rips my sweater, so my boobs come out of my bra. He climbs on top of me and starts pulling my pantyhose down. I’m scared to death! This is turning out to be much more than just a robbery! Within a few moments, the real delivery man rings the bell, but I can’t answer because I’m tightly bound and gagged with my pantyhose down!

Ashley Renee & Steve Villa

SLAVE FOR LOVE – Restrained and chained in a tight corset, put in a very vulnerable position. Then Eden Wells pulls out a vibrator and gives it to me good!

Ashley Renee

CAT AND MOUSE – Tanya Danielle and I are dressed in heavy rubber. Tanya starts a catfight with me, then pins me down and ties me up on the cage. Then she licks me until I cum!

Ashley Renee & Tanya Danielle

SUPER ASHLEY – Chapter 5 of my ongoing exclusive series with!

Ashley Renee & HIP Comics

Plus 2 New Bondage Videos

AFTERNOON DELIGHT – I wake up on a sofa tightly bound and gagged. My elbows are fused completely together behind my back with ropes. My legs are tied together at the angles and knees. I struggle on the sofa, moaning into my ball gag for help, and then slide helplessly to the floor. The ‘hunter’ comes in and sits me forcefully on his lap. I protest through my gag, begging and pleading, but he doesn’t stop there. He pulls out my tits while squeezing and slapping them. Then he ties rope around my chest and shoulders. He cruelly hogties me on the sofa and periodically checks my bonds to see if I can get out. Jim Hunter suddenly retightens the knots and then leaves me helpless and brutally hogtied on the sofa for the rest of the afternoon!!

Ashley Renee & Jim Hunter

OUT OF CONTROL – Steve Villa loves my girdle and stilletos so much he seriously can’t control himself!! He ties me tight, threatens me with a knife then stuffs my mouth till my jaw hurts and wraps my face tightly. He bends me over the bed and fucks me hard! The camera is close up on my face as he forces himself inside me. I panic, sweat, pant and drool through my gag hoping it will soon be over!

Ashley Renee & Steve Villa


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